In Progress Binding Photos Make Me Happy


Binding Baby's Quilt

In progress binding photos make me happy, probably because it means the quilt is nearly done.  I’m just loving this little quilt, and I hope it will make its future tiny owner very happy!


WIP: An Ombre Quilt Top Finished

Ansley's Quilt Top Finished

No time to quilt it today, but I did get the top pieced.  There will even be a similar-but-different doll quilt that carries on the ombre effect for the baby’s older sister.

Ansley's Quilt Top and Skylar's Doll Quilt Top

If only my arms were longer, you could see more!  The pink and green remind me of watermelon or roses, both of which are welcome this time of year.

Ansley's Diamonds Back Side of Quilt Top

And I always love the stained glass effect of a quilt top viewed from the back.  Even on such an overcast day, it just makes me happy.  The pattern of neatly pressed seams with the light filtering through is the reward of a job well done!  (Well, you probably have to sew to understand that one.)


WIP: Starting on Ansley’s Diamonds

Ansley's Diamonds Squares Cut

Just Starting, Ansley's Diamonds

Ansley's Diamonds Stitching

Ansley's Diamond Blocks

I tend to think of quilts as my big “background project”.  Smaller projects jump in, like gifts for Mother’s Day and birthdays, and once they’re done I go back to my quilt in progress.  But baby quilts, much like babies, have a timing all their own.  My current quilting project is on hold again, this time so I can work on a little quilt I’m calling Ansley’s Diamonds.

I’m using hour glass blocks set together so they’ll form diamond shapes.  The added bit of interest with this quilt is the fabric which has a nice ombre gradation to it.  I’m using just one yard of green and one yard of pink, but because of the shifting coloration there are lovely variations in value.  The blocks pictured here combine the darkest green with the lightest pink, but they’ll shift across the quilt to reverse to a paler green and deeper pink.  Hopefully that will create a feeling of movement, something that will draw the eye back and forth over the pattern.

This one is maybe a bit different for another reason — I really don’t know the recipients all that well.  I met Lucy at the gym and she’s just so sweet, and her husband Chad is, too.  They’re young and kind, having their second child but still just starting out, really.  (At least it feels that way to someone who’s been married 22 years!)  Anyway, I’m a believer in positive reinforcement, so for their kindness alone baby Ansley gets a quilt.  And if I’ve done my math right, her big sister will get a little doll quilt from the leftover squares.  Otherwise I suppose I’ll be making a scrappy doll quilt!


WIP: Adding Blue


I made some quilt progress this weekend with lots and lots of half square triangles.  I bought a special template to help speed up the making of all those half square triangles, a skinny little tool called the “Quilter’s Magic Wand”.

Quilter's Magic Wand Tool

Tracing from corner to corner will give you lines to follow for perfect quarter inch seams.  There’s a little line etched into the template to help you match the corners.  Here’s a close up so you can see it better.

Quilter's Magic Wand Tool Macro

I bought mine from Donellefritz on Etsy.

Kim's Quilt Progress Blue

This quilt will be for my best friend who is engaged, and I’m hoping it will make her think of the blending of two hearts, two families and two lives.  I think she’ll understand.


Just Had to See …

Beginning Kaori's Quilt

My current quilt project reached a stopping point while I waited for some fabric to be shipped, so I got a jump start on the next quilt.  It’ll be mostly Honey Honey fabrics with some scrappy favorites thrown in.  So far — LOVE!