WIP: Herringbone Painted Wall


Herringbone Shuffle Stencil WIP

The sewing machine is set aside for a while as I spend a crazy amount of time painting our dining room.  I’m using the Herringbone Shuffle stencil by Royal Design Studio, but because of our heavily textured walls I’m having to trace the stencil, then fill in with paint by hand.  (The picture above shows about ten hours worth of work.)  It takes AGES, but because of my stencil painted headboard, I knew what I was getting into:

Painted Headboard

Thankfully our china cabinet is really large and really only fits on that one wall of the dining room, so I’ll only be painting on either side of it.

I think what really drew me to that stencil design is that it’s similar to this quilt that I’d love to make someday.  I’ve been semi-planning a gray-and-brights color scheme for the dining room.  Soon my table runner will finally fit in!

Patchwork Table Runner

Well, semi-soon-ish.  Painting with little brushes on textured walls is a pain.