Super Mario Bros. Pillow Covers




A friend saw our couch full of pillows and suddenly felt that his new man cave wasn’t complete.  He needed a Super Mario Bros. mushroom pillow of his own.  He was totally right, so I stitched up a pair of pillow covers for him.   If you feel a need for awesome gamer pillows (or a quilt!) too, check out the tutorials at Cut to Pieces.  They’re a lot of fun to make, just simple patchwork on a smaller scale.  Happy sewing!




I’m binding Africa.  That sounds like it would take forever, doesn’t it?  It’s going well so far.

Binding Africa

Maybe I’ve changed mind about how to piece the Dallas Cowboys baby quilt.  Maybe the whole top should be paper pieced stars, and the little flannel squares can be a small stroller blanket.  The bright white of the pieced blocks and the cream in the flannels just aren’t getting along, and I’m thinking of keeping them separated.

WIP: Three Stars

I’m falling behind in the Super Mario Bros. quilt along, but I knew I would from the beginning.

Super Mario Bros Quilt Blocks Four

There’s only so much time, after all.

And my 13 year old cat Aslan is spending a few days at the vet’s office.  Instead of being constantly underfoot, he’s getting some much needed medical attention.


This morning, no one has tried to trip me in the kitchen, and it’s surprising how much a person can miss that.  His tech at the animal hospital tells me he’s feeling a little more like himself this morning.  I asked, “You mean he bit you?”  She laughed.  Yes, that’s right.  Ah, my sweet/mean cat.  Come home and boss us all around again soon.

Super Mario Bros. Quilt Along: 3 of 12!


Mario: 3 Blocks

The Piranha Plant block design is courtesy of Karen @ The Recipe Bunny on Flickr. Her finished Super Mario quilt is beautiful, and I love the way her quilting really makes the characters POP off the background!  You can join the Super Mario Bros. Quilt Along at Cut to Pieces.  Join us!

And now back to stuff I have GOT to get done.  (These Mario blocks are addictive!)

Just Starting: Super Mario Bros. Quilt Along



Just in time for a day off that I could devote (somewhat) to sewing, my fabrics for the Super Mario Bros Quilt Along at Cut to Pieces arrived!  Angela hasn’t quite started on her tutorial, but I couldn’t wait to see how they’d turn out.  In my day off, I was able to cut the squares for one mushroom block …


and got a good bit of it sewn together.

Super Mario Bros. QAL

It seems to shrink so much when sewn!

I suspect that Angela’s tutorial will use an incredibly time saving method of fusing and sewing entire strips at once, but I’m trying to do without the expensive interfacing.  You pay one way or another though, in time or money, so I could see myself joining completely and giving in to the interfacing she recommends.  For now, I’m just enjoying the process and the resulting cuteness!