Downton Abbey Tea Towels from Spoonflower


Future Tea Towel

Browsing Spoonflower is risky business for me.  It’s just too many cool ideas in one place, and it seems that I’m incapable of “just browsing”.  A yard of this linen/cotton blend fabric makes four “Property of Downton” tea towels so you can stock up or share, or you can make just one with a fat quarter.  I decided to share.

If you’d like to make an easy but professional looking tea towel, there’s a great tutorial for mitered corners on The Split Stitch.

Sewing Mitered Corners on a Tea Towel

The result is a pretty wrinkly towel, but since it’s a linen/cotton blend it’s going to get softer, better and more relaxed with each washing.

Property of Downton Tea Towel

Things that get better with use?  Awesome.  And it makes me smile, so I’m going to count this one as a win.


Spoonflower Tea Towel Calendars

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Spoonflower Tea Towel Calendar

Did your Grandma have tea towels with calendars on them?  Mine did, and lately I’ve been missing my Grandmas and appreciating all things “vintage” just a bit more.  (I can almost feel a vintage Pyrex obsession coming on.  Red.  Or aqua … anyway. )

Spoonflower Calendar Tea Towel

Spoonflower has a great selection of tea towel calendars.  Buy a fat quarter and it’s the perfect size for a kitchen towel.  I made this one for a friend, backing it with linen to make it a little more absorbent and substantial.  I also added little ribbons across the back upper corners so she can hook it over a cabinet knob or add a dowel rod to hang it on the wall.  I hope it makes her happy every time she sees it!

Spoonflower Calendar Tea Towel

The one underneath will be for me!

Dr. Who Fabrics



I received my first ever order from Spoonflower, a site that lets you create and print your own fabric designs, or buy those made by others.  When I saw these, I knew I had to have them!


Dr. Who Fabric

Maybe you have to be a Dr. Who fan to understand.

So, now that I have them, what the heck do I do with them?