Mom’s Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt


Mom's Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt Picnic Shelter

When I learned to sew a few years ago, I spent a long time studying fabrics online.  Starting without a fabric stash meant that I had to go slowly and spend money on prints I really, really liked.  It seemed like anytime my attention was totally captivated by a fabric, it would end up being from Flea Market Fancy.  The problem with this is that it was already out of print at that point, and any I could find for sale was crazy-expensive.  Arg!!

But then came the Flea Market Fancy Legacy collection, a reprint of some of the most popular prints from the original line!  Being able to get my hands on this fabric was an unexpected treat, and I saved it for something really special — a quilt for my Mom.

Mom's Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt Picnic Table

The thought process behind the quilt: Since I’d already made a cross quilt for my niece Alexis, I wanted Mom’s quilt theme to relate to hers and decided to use a different type of cross.  I added a lot of white because Mom loves a very “clean” look.  (One of her favorite blogs is Chez Larsson, if that tells you anything.)  This had the bonus effect of really featuring the Flea Market Fancy prints.

Mom's Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt at the Skate Park

The cross block I used is from the Fat Quarterly book Shape Workshop for Quilters.  There’s a lot of great inspiration in the book, but I especially love the block designs.  They’re sized alike so you could repeat just one in a quilt like I did here, or mix and match any you liked.

The back is a vintage Ralph Lauren sheet, which fits the Flea Market Fancy vibe so well.  I love how the colors in the flowers matched so well with the binding fabric.

Mom's Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt Detail


Mom's Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt Binding and Backing

The quilt is extra long so that my tall step Dad Dewey can nap comfortably, too.  I hope they both enjoy it!


“Shape Workshop for Quilters” Satellite Placemats

Shape Workshop

We’ve been concentrating more on healthy eating at home, and keeping my mind on food has lead to an urge to make some scrappy, visually interesting placemats.  I can’t help it, my brain just defaults back to sewing from so many other topics.  When I saw a preview of the new “Shape Workshop for Quilters” book from Fat Quarterly, I immediately wanted to try the Satellite Placemats.  (See the preview here, or buy here.  Great price for such a beautiful book!)

My first project from the book is still a work in progress:

WIP: Placemat

This is my first attempt at something with so many seams meeting up in the middle.  I’m thankful for that center dot that conceals some of the wonkiness, and I’m hoping I can do well enough sewing around all those tiny circles!  I still haven’t tried free motion quilting, and I’m not sure this is the time to attempt it.  But I do love this design, so I think I’ll keep going and just see.  (I’m seeing it as a dart board so far, and a few friends saw pizza.  Maybe with other prints and colors I’ll start to see a satellite.)

The book is full of modern quilt blocks, complete quilts and other projects in fresh, inspiring colors.  There’s a selection of templates in the back, along with a basic quilting tutorial and helpful tips throughout the book for the technical bits, and loads of gorgeous photos for your creative side to drool over.  Great book!