Scottie Stuffies, AKA Church Doggies


29. Church Doggies

These sweet little Scottie dog stuffies were made with a free pattern from the fabulous Allsorts blog.  (Her pattern is free but not for commercial use.)  It’s a simple pattern and allows for a lot of creative additions.  You can see many different variations in the Flickr group Scottie Stuffies.   Since these puppies were going off to live with very young children, they were crafted without buttons or bead embellishments that might be choking hazards.

When I was little, I had one toy I was allowed to take to church.  It was made of felt and yarn, nothing hard that might bang against the pew or make distracting noises if I dropped it.  I called these Church Doggies because they reminded me of that “quiet church toy.”

I mailed this happy little dog off with the suggestion that he loves flowers and should be allowed to sniff them every chance he got.

@KimWood's Little One's Dog

Doggies love to sniff stuff.  Even stuffie doggies.

If you decide to make one, link me up with a picture!  I’d love to see it!