My Last Craft of 2009



This was one of those out-of-the-blue crafts that sneaks up when you least expect it.  Early on New Year’s Eve, I suddenly wondered what my favorite version of “crap” would look like if it were embroidered and framed by its own embroidery hoop.  Because you know if you frame it, it’s art.

This word comes from a real estate agent friend of mine who uses an MLS service of nearly the same name.  The MLS doesn’t quite work as described and creates a decent amount of frustration.  I’ll finish this and mail it off to him, and being a guy he’ll probably have no idea what to do with it.

But sometimes you just craft stuff because the idea was there and it couldn’t be helped.

Doggie in Red


Not a Part of the Action

I took this picture of my “niece” Dallas as her Daddy was frying up some bacon for his house guests.  It was hard enough on poor Dallas when she was tossed outside, but then when those fabulous bacon smells began drifting through the open window … well, that was nearly too much for her!

I loved the expression on her face and decided to try making a redwork Dallas as a gift for her parents.  I went with the quickest “lightbox” I had, my computer, held up a white piece of cotton fabric, then traced the parts of the photo I wanted to use with a fabric pen.  (I probably shouldn’t recommend that, but it worked for me.)  When completed and added to the frame I painted just for this project, it looked like this:

My Niece Dallas

I should try this with my own pets next.