Bad Pictures of My Current Projects


Sorry, they are bad pictures.  Sometimes it just turns out that way.

First, here’s the Deegie Face quilt top finished and hung up, but on a day so sunny (and me so rushed for time) that it’s even hard to see:

Too Much Sun

And here it is with the photo that inspired it:


It’s off to the long arm quilter this weekend. I chose a soft flannel for the backing, and I think I’ll see if the quilt shop has a heavier batting than I usually use. I just imagine this quilt being super cuddly, like Deegie.

My next quilt is for a baby boy in our family. I’m using some of the browns leftover from Deegie’s quilt along with some brights I already had and some scraps from the Healing Quilt. I threw in a little plot twist, just for fun.

Percy and Wonky Stars Blocks

Percy noticed it right away.


Current WIP: Proof I Am a Crazy Cat Lady


By far, most of the quilts I’ve made have been given as gifts to family and friends.  I’d love to have a stack of quilts at home, so I’m investing some time making quilts that have special meaning for us.

When I thought about how to sum up the last year or so for our family, one word came to mind: Kittens.  (They do tend to take over the house, especially in multiples.)  A cat themed quilt seemed cute but maybe too general.  Since this is just for the people in our house, I went for something more specific and personal.  Diego (Deegie) was the first of our recent kittens, so I’m piecing together a quilt top of his strikingly light/dark face to represent our Year of Kittens.

Cutting took ages.  Piecing is a bit more fun, especially since I’m using my “new” Singer Featherweight.

Squares and Triangles for Deegie Face Quilt

Whites for Deegie Face Quilt

Deegie Face Quilt in Progress

Deegie Face Quilt Laying Out Squares

Deegie Quilt Progress

And there’s my progress as of this snow/sleety/icy morning.  Still half a Deegie face to go, and then he’ll be off to the quilt shop.  I’ve teased the kids that I might make pillows of Leo and Percy faces.  I just might …


Amelia’s Heart Quilt









Heart Quilt Complete

My cousin became a Grandma!  This is for her new granddaughter, Amelia.  Amelia’s Mom wanted something very pink and girly.  To me, a former tomboy, this is super girly.  I love the patchwork pink heart, the scrappy binding  and I had a lot of fun playing with the low volume prints.  Patchwork remains a favorite!


A “Modified Bow Tie” Quilt

Current WIP: Baby Boy Quilt

I started this little quilt on Christmas Eve, when I had a surprise day off and my husband took our daughters out for their annual breakfast and shopping date.  I started with a few mini charm packs of Simple Marks Summer by Malka Dubrawsky and some Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Stone.

Modified Bow Tie Quilt Ingredients

I cut the gray into five inch squares and stitched diagonally across the colorful fabrics in two opposite corners.  If I’d arranged all the squares in the same direction, this would’ve been a bow tie quilt.  But I used them more like half square triangles and arranged them as I liked, with a diamond radiating outward spokes.  (If anyone knows of a name for this design, please let me know!)

And as always, sunlight through a quilt is just magical!

Sunlight Through a Modified Bow Tie Quilt

But harsh winter sunlight is not quite as kind.  I had a really hard time getting decent pictures of the finished quilt.

Levi's Quilt

The back is a super soft rock-n-roll dinosaurs flannel.

Levi's Quilt

And it’s on its way to little Levi in Florida, where I hope it will not have to see snow again!



The Quilts of 2013


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