Washi Tape Quilting Tip

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Hugs and Kisses Quilt Blocks

While working on my Hugs and Kisses blocks for a new quilt, I wanted to be sure what parts of the largest square would be visible in the finished block.

Washi Tape

Washi tape was a perfect solution.  It highlights the area that will make it into the quilt block, but will peel right off with no residue when I move on to the next project.  Such a simple thing, but it’s been so helpful!


Quilt Top Finished


Lava Meets Sea Quilt Top Finished

Finally, the top for Lava Meets Sea is finished!  I still need to drop it off at the quilt shop, but I’m so glad to finally see what it’s going to look like.  With limited floor space and no design wall, I’ve just seen parts of it at a time.  I’m so pleased to see it looks just like I imagined it would!

Lava Meets Sea Backside

While I waited for the sun to go behind the clouds so I could get a better picture, I lifted the bottom of the quilt up to keep the top stitches from having to hold the weight of it.  I even love looking at it like this!  I’ll share more of the story behind this one when I have it finished.


In Progress Binding Photos Make Me Happy


Binding Baby's Quilt

In progress binding photos make me happy, probably because it means the quilt is nearly done.  I’m just loving this little quilt, and I hope it will make its future tiny owner very happy!


WIP: An Ombre Quilt Top Finished

Ansley's Quilt Top Finished

No time to quilt it today, but I did get the top pieced.  There will even be a similar-but-different doll quilt that carries on the ombre effect for the baby’s older sister.

Ansley's Quilt Top and Skylar's Doll Quilt Top

If only my arms were longer, you could see more!  The pink and green remind me of watermelon or roses, both of which are welcome this time of year.

Ansley's Diamonds Back Side of Quilt Top

And I always love the stained glass effect of a quilt top viewed from the back.  Even on such an overcast day, it just makes me happy.  The pattern of neatly pressed seams with the light filtering through is the reward of a job well done!  (Well, you probably have to sew to understand that one.)


Just Had to See …

Beginning Kaori's Quilt

My current quilt project reached a stopping point while I waited for some fabric to be shipped, so I got a jump start on the next quilt.  It’ll be mostly Honey Honey fabrics with some scrappy favorites thrown in.  So far — LOVE!