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Mias Baby Quilt Pieced

As I’m working on this baby quilt for a friend’s first grandchild, I’m writing up the pattern so you can make one, too.  Since it uses the same method as my Alternate Ending Quilt pattern, this will be an add-on to that pattern.  In other words, you’ll need to have both quilt patterns to complete this one.  Since I may make a few add-on patterns, this would help you avoid paying full price for small variations and wading through pages of instructions you already know.

Ideas for using this pattern:

  • I’ve ordered fabric to make this little flower quilt again as a red poppy for my family room wall.  I think it’ll have a completely different mood in bright orange-red and black.
  • A friend wants to make a larger, full sized quilt version of this.  Since she has four daughters, I suggested she may want to make four flowers, each using the colors of her daughters’ birth months.  I love the idea of a personalized family quilt.
  • Imagine sending out birth announcements with baby photographed in the middle of a pink or blue flower!

I’ll let you know once the pattern is ready!


The Alternate Ending Quilt Pattern — Now Available!

Alternate Ending Quilt Collage

The Alternate Ending Quilt pattern is now available in CoopCrafts Etsy Shop!  This pattern helps you learn a method of blending colors so that they really look like they belong with each other, placed just where they should be.  An interesting twist with the quilt is the ability to choose an Alternate Ending before completing the quilt top.  The three pictures above are all the same quilt, with just three seams left to finish!

A and B QuiltThe pattern also includes creative twists to inspire you in your own quilting, including interesting spins thrown in by pattern testers. 24 Years Quilt

Stardust at Sunrise Baby Quilt


While the pattern uses simple half square triangle blocks, I don’t recommend this for beginners.  It’ll be more enjoyable sewing if you’ve already developed a good understanding of work flow and order.  That said, if you’d like to try it, you can find the pattern here:  CoopCrafts Etsy shop.

Thank you, and happy sewing!