Free Photo Canvas Offer

Kimono Print

Canvas People are offering $55 off any size canvas, which means I got this cute 8″x10″ canvas for free!  (Well, $14 for shipping and handling, but I’ll take it!)  Upload your favorite photo and just walk through the steps, adding a frame or special effects if you like.  My canvas is an extreme closeup of a kimono, but with the holidays coming maybe you’d rather take a picture of the kids for Grandma and Grandpa.  The canvases are “gallery wrapped”, meaning the canvas (and your photo) wrap around the sides of the canvas, so be sure your subject has a little extra room.


Mother Nature Blots Her Lipstick

Mother Nature Blots Her Lipstick

This has nothing to do with crafting (other than the urge I have to use these vivid colors in SOMETHING) but I felt a need to share it anyway.  This is a little leaf I found in the road on my morning walk.   It looked like Mother Nature had just blotted her lipstick before the start of another busy day, and it make me smile.

Have a great day and stay aware – it’s a beautiful world!