A Couch Full of Pillows


With the completion of my Garden District pillow …

Garden District Pillow

My “couch full of pillows” project is complete!

Couch Full of Pillows

Four of the seven pillows are patterns from the Pillow POP book.  After the holidays I’ll start on three more for the chair, but for now I’ll just enjoy being done with something!

Quilted Couch Pillows


WIP: A Garden District Pillow


WIP: Garden District Pillow

WIP: Garden District Pillow

WIP: Garden District Pillow

WIP: Garden District Pillow

WIP: Garden District Pillow

WIP: Garden District PillowStill stitching!


Six of Seven


Six of Seven Couch Cushions

I have six of seven couch cushions completed!  One more pillow to finish the couch, then the chair and a half can wait until after our holiday company rush is over before I start its three pillows.

Boy, that mushroom really stands out, doesn’t it?

Keep sewing, my friends!


Before and After: Cat Dishes

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Cat Bowls Before and After

Problem: Mismatched dishes, undersized placemat and spilled food that would migrate across the slick surfaces out of the food area.  (Our dog Mojo knows not to eat from the cat food dishes, but he feels that cleaning up stray pieces of food is OK, and sometimes if they’ve spilled a lot he gets on a roll and cleans out all the dishes, too.)

Solution: A set of vintage melmac bowls found on Etsy and quilted placemat that helps keep dropped food from spreading away from the dishes.  The placemat was a piece of patchwork I’d sewn for another project and abandoned, just cut to the size I wanted.  (That’s why the squares are strangely sized, but the cats haven’t seemed to notice.)  We also just gave up on having a water dish by the cat bowls.  They never used it and it just got yucky.  They all share dog water.

New Bowls and a Quilted Placemat for the Cats

Since the change, Mojo has eaten the cat food once, but that is an improvement.  The quilted placemat can just be thrown in the wash, which is nice.  I’ll probably end up making them another placemat or two and they probably deserve another set of dishes, too.  Not that they’re spoiled at all.


Red Flower Pillow


Red Flower Couch Pillow

I’m replacing the smooshed back cushions of my couch with big, colorful, quilted pillows.  This morning I finished my first one, a huge red flower made from some of the scraps from my Lava Meets Sea quilt.

Red Flower Pillow Close Up

Next up is another design from Pillow POP!, Crystallized by Angela Mitchell.  I’m calling my version “Hot and Cold” because instead of using value in these half square triangles, colors are separated into warms and cools.  I have so many greens that look warm to me, so in my mind I’m sorting red, orange, yellow and pink or blue, purple and green.

Starting Hot and Cold Pillow Cover

My pillow forms are huge and I decided to downsize the half square triangles.  That means extra work, but I hope it will also make a seriously cute pillow cover.  We’ll see, lots more to sew!