NYC Map Quilting Template

Haptic Lab NYC Template 1

Haptic Lab is now offering DIY map quilt templates of New York City!  We love spending time in New York, so this is going to be a gift to myself, personalized with some of our favorite NYC places.

It looks detailed, but the method itself is simple: make a quilt sandwich (backing/batting/top) and secure the template on top.  Stitching is done directly through the template.  When you’re done, tear away the template, bind and enjoy your quilt!  It’s sized to use with a yard cut of fabric, which will make a nice wall quilt or baby quilt.

It’s a little difficult to see the detail because the top is a somewhat sheer, and in my photos the template is laying on the dark wood of our dining room table.

Haptic Lab NYC Template Manhattan

Haptic Lab NYC Template Detail

The coastal boundaries are thick, dark lines.  The main streets solid black, with secondary streets in a lighter gray that are harder to see here.  Thankfully it’s easier to see in person, as I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this!

You can buy your own template or quilt kit here or purchase a finished quilt here.  (There are other cities available!)

Mini Vacation Ahead …

When you live someplace green and calm …

Forest at Blackwater Falls

Where the norm is soft, quiet breezes …


And nothing to hear but the birds and rustling leaves along a walking trail …

Walking Trail

And you need to take a break from your regular life, where do you go to relax and recharge?




Someplace a little noisier …

New York Moment

Full of man made wonders …

Viewing Platform, Top of the Rock

And slightly different walking trails …

Leaving Bryant Park

I’ll be back full of ideas and energy!

(It’s a mini-vacation to celebrate our 20th anniversary!  WHOOOOO!!!)