Spool Birds Mobile

Spool Birds

I made this mobile of Spool birds several months ago, but they’ve just been hard to photograph, so I haven’t bothered to post about them.  Christmas morning, while waiting for the girls to wake up, I snapped another pic from my seat on the couch.  I love the shadows they cast enough that I think I’ll go on and post this anyway.

Here’s a more straight on view.

Spoon Birds Mobile

Check out the Spool Sewing birds here and find the free PDF pattern and tutorial here.  They’re hand sewn and very easy, a great craft to do on the couch in the evenings while you relax.

If I had high ceilings, I could see me doing something like this:

The Ceiling at Flight

Sorry for the blurry picture, but doesn’t it make it look even more like they’re flying?  This is the ceiling at Flight in Hendersonville, NC.  I was lucky enough to visit there on a girls’ weekend several years ago.  I have so many happy memories from that trip!  My little bird mobile makes me think of it and smile.