Last Friday, our cat Aslan lost his battle with pancreatitis.  I think he would have died that day on his own, but we took him to the vet and had him put down.  I think we saved him hours of pain, and I’m glad if we were able to make it more bearable for him.  We loved him, and we held him and kissed him at the end.  Even the vet cried.

It’s hard to lose a pet.  Even with our remaining two cats and two dogs, there was an empty spot in our house.  Aslan took so much of my time, with his medications and my efforts to get him to eat well and give him extra attention.  It’s hard, missing who he was and how he needed me.  That empty spot he left behind was too much for me.  We didn’t plan to take in another pet, but …

Well, like I told my husband, sometimes kittens just happen and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.  So there.

Meet Diego.

Danni and Diego

The weird thing is, we picked out the name Diego before we went to the shelter.  I told my Mom we were getting a kitten and we’d picked a name, and she confused “Diego” with “Diablo” (devil), which made me wonder what Diego might really mean.

Diego Sleepy Quilt 2

Diego means “supplanter”, or “he that replaces”.

Aslan was one of a kind, so I can’t really think that he’s been replaced.

But that empty spot is much easier to take, and we smile a lot more.

Diego Sleepy Quilt 3

Thank you, Diego.



X and + 25

I kept myself busy over the weekend sewing a few more blocks for the X and + “Tough Chickie” quilt.

The distraction was needed because Friday morning we lost our beloved cat, Aslan.   He’d lost so much weight from pancreatitis.  Even with his medicines and special diet, he just kept losing weight, and by the end he was in pain.  I just couldn’t stand it.  Here’s his last picture, on my lap while I worked.

Aslan Thestral

And here’s one of his baby pictures with my younger daughter, just because I prefer to remember him cute and healthy.

Baby As and Bri

Today also marks the one year anniversary of losing our dog Sam at the ripe old age of 15.

I am so at risk of “accidentally” ending up at the animal shelter.  Is it kitten season?