Hexie Pouch

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Just for fun, a colorful, scrappy pouch made by English paper piecing hexagons together:

Hexie Pouch

Lined with a bright, happy blue to pop against the tangerine zipper, a “robot in love” zipper pull …

Hexie Pouch

and a flat bottom so it can stand on its own.

Hexie Pouch

Because functional starts with “fun”.




Stenciling our bedroom wall is monopolizing my crafting time, but I’ve happily discovered English paper piecing.  Wrap little scraps of fabric around a paper hexagon, use tiny corner stitches to tack it into place, then sew them together.  Since all of this is done by hand, not by machine, it’s a perfect craft to leave in a little basket on my coffee table.  During our “vegging out in front of the TV time” in the evenings, I’ll end up with stacks of these colorful little hexies.  It’s like getting bonus crafting time!

I think I’ll make these into a quilted pillow top.  Here’s what I have so far.


And here’s a view of the back, so you can see the paper templates and the stitches that hold the fabrics in place.

Hexies, the Back Story

Once the pieces are all sewn together, I can slide a large needle though the hole in each template to help pop it out of the fabric.  The templates can then be reused, which is handy because making these is pretty addictive!