NFL Checkerboard


I know a little boy who joined the checkers club at his school and is a big Seattle Seahawks fan.  One of the very finest things about being able to sew is having the ability make him his very own Seattle Seahawks checkerboard and combine his loves!  I gathered fabrics and realized that red checkers looked awful with Seahawks colors.  I ordered a set of replacement checker pieces that came in dark and light wood tones.  It was perfect, and allowed me to deconstruct and personalize their little storage bag, too.

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

I had a slight moment of panic when I finished the board.  I tried to set up the pieces and laid them out in two solid rows, like chess pieces.  There weren’t enough, and for a minute I was just sure that I used the wrong number of squares!  But then I realized what I had done, felt ridiculous and relieved, and took the picture.  I’m very happy to have a unique gift to give my young friend!


Happy at Home


It’s wonderful to see something you’ve made in its new home.  Here’s Kaori’s Hugs and Kisses quilt at her place in Chiba, Japan!

The Hugs and Kisses Quilt at Kaori's House

She liked it so much, she hung it on the wall where she could see it all the time. I love that!

Part of the magic of making a quilt for someone is how it adds to the connection you already have with that person.  I thought of Kaori so much as I constructed each block and chose things that would make her smile.  And now she has a reminder of me that makes her so happy.  Now I know that when I (someday!) get the chance to visit her in Japan, I’ll feel right at home.  :)


Over the Weekend …

WVMQG Flags for Boston 2

Our tiny little quilt guild (Lisa, Mary and me) met and connected our contributions to the “To Boston with Love” exhibit that will be displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  This project was sparked by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and has spread to include quilters from all around the world.  Small kindnesses matter, especially when can we add them all together.  I can’t wait to see photos of the flags on display!

Mom's Travel Organizer Bags Collage

And then we celebrated Mother’s Day!  My Mom and Mother in law each got a set of personalized organizer travel bags.  My Mom will be taking a big trip this summer and I’m hoping her bags will get a lot of use.

Kim's Organizer Bag in Progress

I’m getting a little carried away making a set for my best friend now, with some paper piecing, inset zipper pocket and cute quotes.  Then maybe there will be a set for me.  (And then it will really, really be time to get back to quilting.)

Mother's Day Collage

My own Mother’s Day gift was a gorgeous locket, and we took new photos to go inside. I can’t even tell you how crazy I am about these people.  I am well and truly blessed!


How To Make Ribbon Key Fobs


Ribbon Key Fobs Detail

Ribbon key fobs are incredibly easy to make and so handy to carry!  If you’re wondering what to make for a fund raiser or just want to send out a little something to some friends, this is a great gift.

Ribbon Key Fobs in a Row

Here’s what you’ll need to make some of your own:

  • Key fob hardware, like these from Everything Ribbons on Etsy.  I used 1.25″ size.
  • Canvas webbing or belting the same width as your hardware.  (Got mine from the same shop.)
  • Ribbons  (I found great ones here and here.)
  • Fabric Scraps

Cut  the webbing and ribbon to 12″ lengths.  Then cut scraps of fabric 12″ x 3.25″ and “wrap” around the webbing.  Pressing with a steamy iron will help it stay in place.  Then carefully pin the ribbons so that the cut ends of the fabric will be hidden underneath.  Sew down either side of the ribbon.  If needed, neaten up stray threads from either end of the covered webbing, then insert into the fob hardware and use pliers to press firmly closed.  Add your key ring and you’re finished.

Ribbon Key Fobs

They’re so comfortable to carry and easy to find from the line of keys hanging up at the gym.  These will all be mailed to friends, and I already want to make more!


Little Gifts to Mail

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I’m really enjoying my new little pot holders/oven mitts, so much so that I decided they’re perfect little gifts for a few family members and friends.

My assembly line began with the Walking Dead marathon.  It’s like Daryl helped me make these.

Pinch Pot Holders Cutting

Pinch Pot Holders Pinning

Pinch Pot Holders Finishing

Stitched up and ready mail!

Finished Pinch Pot Holders

Pinch Pot Holder Tag

Complete with explanation tags for the unsuspecting recipients.  Finding a little gift in the mail is so much better than bills!