Chinese Takeout Gift Box


Looking for a different way to package a small gift? You can make a cute gift box with a Chinese takeout box, some fabric and heat and bond material.

Start with a new Chinese takeout box. Remove the handle and flatten it out.

Takeout Box

Cut the fabric and iron on heat and bond just a little larger than the opened box. Follow the directions on the heat and bond to iron it onto the fabric. Let it cool, then slowly peel off the backing paper. Put the backing paper down on your ironing board, then iron the fabric to the outside of the takeout box. Be careful to iron against the backing paper so you don’t attach the fabric to your ironing board.

Cut, the Fray Check the Edges

Trim the excess fabric away, then use Fray Check around the edges to keep the fabric looking clean and neat. Using sharp embroidery scissors or an exacto knife, cut through the slit in the top fold of the box and carefully poke the holes for the handles through the fabric. Fray check these as well.

Then refold your box and reattach the handle. You may want to use pliers to help close up the ends of the handles again. ( Reattaching the handle can be a bit fiddly. I said a few bad words, got another cup of coffee and then went back to it. The second try went much smoother.)

The finished product:

Takeout Gift Box

For the perfect little gift to put inside, stay tuned!