Jacqui’s Tote of Many Colors


Jacqui's Tote of Many Colors

Hopefully I’ll get this off in the mail after work, on it’s way to my friend Jacqui in England.  Years ago we used to send each other decorating magazines, so they were the first thing to pop into my head when I felt the urge to send her a little gift.  Then I remembered that I can sew now, a skill I didn’t have back then, and thought I’d make her a little something, too.  My “little something” morphed into this roomy Tote of Many Colors made with part of a Michael Miller Cotton Couture charm pack and a yard of fabric I bought while shopping with my Mom in Tennessee.  (That’s the lining and straps.)

The little tag was so much fun to make, I’m sure I’ll end up making more!

Jacqui's Tote of Many Colors Tag

Diego watched me turn the bag right-side-out when I was done sewing, and I swear his eyes lit up when he realized that was something he could crawl inside.  He followed me around until I set it down for a picture and he tried to see if it might be a good place for a nap.  Yep, I’ll be packing it up right away.  (I’m trying to keep the cat fur off it, Jacqui!)

Tote of Many Colors with Deegs

He is such a quilter’s cat.


WIP: Tote Bag


Working on a Tote Bag Gift

I have a friend who is doing poorly lately.  Years ago we used to trade decorating magazines, so my first thought was to get that girl some colorful magazines.  And now that I can sew, I should make a pretty little tote for them, maybe with a personalized tag.   I’m using Michael Miller’s delicious Cotton Couture solids — I can’t resist the colors!   I’ll show you more when it’s done.


Dallas Cowboys Baby Quilts


Dallas Cowboys Quilt B

Our friends Chris and Angel are about to have a son — an unexpected, completely blessed surprise.  Chris and my husband Jay are best friends, and they share a love of the Dallas Cowboys.

Just for full disclosure, I am an Eagles fan.  But when the Cowboys win, my house is happy, so … hard to be a hater.

54. He BIT Me!!

But anyway … Chris and Angel are having a baby boy right in the midst of football season, and the boy will grow up cheering on the Cowboys along with his Dad.  I thought he should be welcomed into the world as I know he’ll go on, as a Dallas Cowboys fan. So I made him this quilt:

Dallas Cowboys Quilt A

The stars are made using the pattern One Star Americana Patriotic Mini Quilt from Bubblestitch.   This is the first paper piecing I’ve ever done, so even though it looks tough, I can vouch for it being an easy pattern.  I altered the pattern ever so slightly.  The middle “1, 2, 3” spaces are made as one piece in blue for the center star, then a ring of white, one more of blue and then alternating gray and white.  Perfect Dallas stars!  For more interest, I tilted the stars a little this way or that.  I think it keeps the eye moving over the quilt and lends a feeling of motion.

Dallas Cowboys Quilt E

The backing fabric is Dallas Cowboys fabric, just in case the point isn’t made by all those stars on the front.  After baby outgrows his little blanket, I’ve offered to sew a hanging sleeve on the back so it can be hung up on the wall if they like.

And they’re getting a bonus stroller blanket in the softest flannel and voile, just because I want to help spoil this baby.

Dallas Cowboys Quilt Flannel

More Dallas blue and stars!

Dallas Cowboys Quilt C

Hooray for babies!  Hooray for football and for unexpected little football fans!

Recycled Bottle Sleeve


Recycled Bottle Sleeve

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We’re getting ready to visit my cousin, and I’m bringing her a little bottle of something all wrapped up in a “sleeve” bottle wrap.  I just sliced the sleeve off an old, unused shirt and stitched the bottom closed.  The cuff can button around the bottle, but I kind of liked it turned down.

And oh yes, that’s a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Perfect for sipping while you decorate a Christmas tree or sit with your sweetie in front of a toasty fire.  Bring on the holidays!

Pass-It-On Gift Wrapping

We’ve already had one Christmas with out of state family, and (along with other great gifts), my sister in law gave me a craft book and all the supplies needed to make one of the crafts.  I loved that!  Some of the supplies were in a pretty red gift bag.

Gift Bag

It’s a Wrapsack, and when I opened it I saw this tag:


What a cute idea!  I love how it encourages recycling and also lets you track your bag’s travels.  If you start a bag on its way, you can set a goal for it.  Maybe it wants to hold an engagement ring someday, or make its way from coast to coast.

Now to think of who should have it next … I might need a few more!