Gift Tags for the Crafty Gift Giver

Gift Tags for Crafty Presents

If you’re crafty, chances are that you also give a lot of handmade gifts.  These Bend the Rules gift labels by Amy Karol will set the proper tone for your artfully wrapped packages.  (Amy Karol also happens to write one of my favorite craft blogs, Angry Chicken.) 

“I made this, just so you know.  So don’t say anything mean about it,” and “This seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m not so sure” are tied for my favorite tags.  And just look at those delicious colors!

Bend the Rules Gift Labels

(The box is almost always from something else.)

And you know you’ve needed this tag in the past:

Bend the Rules Gift Labels

I’m thinking a box of these tags would make a pretty awesome gift on their own!  (You know, if I could part with the entire box at one time.)