Felt Drink Coasters

Front of Coaster #1

Just before my Christmas madness started, I decided to make myself a new coaster to use at my desk.  I mentioned it to my sister in law, and she suggested that we each make a set of coasters and then swap.  Perfect!  Since I’d plan to use this coaster for my coffee, I started with a little cup of creamy coffee cut from felt.  I decided to just stick with a theme of drinkables.  And a plain back just seemed unfinished somehow, so I stitched on a quote about each beverage on the back.

Sadly, I got distracted by Christmas before I even got a fourth one made, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Here’s how they turned out:

3 of 4 Coasters, Fronts

(Sorry about the crappy pictures against a keyboard.  At the time, who knew I’d decide to have a craft blog?  That’ll teach me.)

I stitched them with an extra layer of thick felt in the middle to add stability and hopefully make them more absorbent.  Here are the backs.

3 of 4 Coasters, Backs

(Really, I’m sorry about the phone pics on keyboards with my KNEES right there.  Thank you for putting up with me.)

In case you can’t make out the words, they say:

  • The mouth of the happy man is full of beer.  ~Egyptian Proverb
  • Tequila makes her clothes fall off.  ~Joe Nichols
  • I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee …  ~Carly Simon

If there had been a fourth, I think it would have been wine.

This little crafty challenge was fun because we encouraged each other as we went along and we each ended up with a cute set of handmade coasters.  Hopefully we can have another challenge in the future.  You know, after the Christmas crafting madness is over.

Kid’s Super Hero Cape


Waiting on a Tiny Hero

My young nephew is growing up with four sisters.  When I put together some dress up tutus for his sisters, I wanted him to have some more “manly” costume choices.  I made him the beard (shown here) and also this super hero cape.

If you want to make a cape, you’ll need a pillowcase, some felt and ribbon.  I based the K cape on Superman’s “S” logo, but you could just as easily use another super hero or even make up one of your own.  Sketch or trace your design on paper, then cut out the different elements to form a pattern.  Since I only planned to use this pattern once, I cut out the whole design in red first, then cut the slightly smaller pattern pieces for the black felt, cut out that color felt and then cut out the yellow pattern pieces to trace on my felt.  If I were making multiples, I’d have made three copies of my original pattern and cut out one color from each one so that I’d be able to use each templates over and over.

Super K

Attach your felt pieces to your laundered pillowcase cape.  You can use a fabric glue, Stitch Witchery or sew it on.  Then fold over a little of your pillowcase top and stitch ribbon into the fold to tie the cape on to your little super hero.  My husband wasn’t in the mood to model for me (mid-video game is not a good time to ask, apparently) so I just draped it on him and took pictures anyway.

The Reluctant Model

I’m guessing Super K Man will have more fun with it anyway.

Personalized iPhone Case


A Miamism iPhone Holder

A while back, my friend Ines sent me a gift for no reason.  It was so perfect and thrilled me so much that I wanted to do something for her in return.  I thought about it for a little while.  Ines loves her iPhone and she has very clearly defined branding for her blog, Miamism.  iPhone + Miamism = tropical orange mojito phone case.

Well, in my head that all made perfect sense.

I traced around my iPhone, added a little extra for the seam and cut out my interior and exterior felt.  Then I had to do a little research on mojitos to learn I needed some lime and mint in there.  (I didn’t have my first mojito until later, happily with Ines!)  I thought it was better to suggest the color of the drink with embroidery floss rather than colored felt, since it’s a pale drink.  For a first attempt at a felt beverage, I think it went pretty well.  Ice cubes are tricky!

I kept an opening in the bottom so she could use her headphones while the phone was in its case.

A Miamism iPhone Holder

And the reverse side features a Miamism “M”, traced directly from the her blog.

A Miamism iPhone Holder

The opening is held closed with a couple pieces of Velcro.  I’ve made some more phone holders since, but I think the one for Ines was the most fun.  Doesn’t it just look happy?  No wonder people love Miami!

Finger Puppet Advent Calendar, DONE.


Completed Finger Puppet Advent Calendar

The finger puppet Advent calendar is DONE and ready to go off to its new home!  While completing this project, I discovered that spray painting is a skill that takes a little practice.  (Sorry Joyce, your spool rack was my first ever attempt, and it shows.)

I purchased the blank tags, then used stamps to add the numbers to count down the days until Christmas.  The tags looked pretty bland, so I grabbed a fine tip Sharpie and traced a little red border along the edges, then tied on a short piece of red and white twine to loop over the little spool posts.

Completed Finger Puppet Advent Calendar

They look so excited at the thought of their new home, don’t they?  (And I really should rig up a light box, see my dining room intruding in the top of the picture?  Sorry about that.)

My next challenge – finding a box for this and getting to the post office before it closes.  Wish me luck!

Works in Progress


Finger Pupper Group Shot

This week has been all about finishing up lots of little projects – and I’m still not done.  This little finger puppet Advent calendar has been a huge challenge!  The puppets themselves are easy and fun to make, the tough part is trying to decide which animal to make next and how to create a recognizable animal with just a few shapes cut from felt.  Twenty five animals, done!

And I have a spool rack which will be used for display.

Finger Puppet Advent Calendar

Now to work on painting the spool rack, creating a numbering system and then shipping it off to its new home with a friend of mine.   Nothing like a deadline to add a sense of urgency to a project, huh?

I’m also working on several other projects, and they look a little like this:


Work in Progress

This features prominently in a huge project I’m trying to complete:

Nest Egg

I’ll show you the rest of it later.  :)

Here’s hoping for a productive weekend ahead for all of us!

P.S.  Did you notice the lion next to the lamb in the top photo?  Not sure if that was biblical or to celebrate New Moon’s release this weekend, but it felt right.