Floss and Felt


Stacks of soft, candy colored felt and embroidery floss wait patiently.

Soon enough they’ll be crafted into sweet little gifts!

Play Felt Food


Breakfast …

Felt Breakfast

Lunch …

Felt Lunch

and Dinner …

Felt Dinner

In felt!

These were made as a gift for the young son of a good friend.  She taught me so much about Japanese food and culture, I wanted her little boy to have some American play food to take back to Japan.  (When I gave them to him, he made a Cheeto sandwich.  Mmmm!)

I bought my patterns here, but there’s a great list of free patterns on Craftiness is Not Optional.  You don’t need a sewing machine, and they’re really simple to put together.

Happy crafting!

Play Mailbag and Felt Mail

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Yuto's Mail Bag

We’re visiting with old friends and their young son soon, and I wanted to make their son a special gift.  I started with the idea that kids love to play act the roles of the adults they encounter during the day.   This mailbag began as a plain, small messenger bag, then I appliqued Yuto’s name to the front in vibrant red.  No guessing the owner of this little bag!

And of course a mailman needs something to deliver.  His parents can give him some catalogs and junk mail to add to his deliveries, but I started him off with a few pieces of felt mail.

Yuto's Mail Bag

Don’t they look so friendly with their cartoonish shapes and colors?

Yuto's Mail Bag

Hope you like it, Yuto!

A Little Zebra Dog

19/365 A Lil' Zebra

I have an ear infection that feels like it isn’t going away any time soon, regardless of the antibiotics, and I am too full of self pity to craft.

Well, almost too full of self pity to craft.  Instead of working on what I should have been doing (finishing a crocheted black and white baby blanket) I let myself work on something a little more entertaining – a scottie dog in a felt zebra print.

Isn’t she cute?

Lil' Zebra

(Please pardon the cluttered craft area.)  Someday I’ll finish the blanket, and the blanket and zebra dog will go live with sweet little Ava.  Someday.

But for now I’ll go, before I whine any more.  You go make stuff.  :)

Felt Twitter Bags

7/365 Craftiness

I’m back from New York and somehow I didn’t make it to a single craft store.  I know, shame on me!  I stayed busy and had a great time, so I won’t feel too badly about it.

A few days before my trip I realized I wanted to make a little gift for my roomies and a few other friends.  These little Twitter bags are quick, easy to make and didn’t take up much space in my suitcase — all vitally important when you’re pressed for time.  I used the same stencil I’d made for the personalized Twitter tote bags to trace the birds and branches on leftover pieces of felt.  The bags themselves are just a full sheet of felt cut in half, and the little leaves were just to add a spot of color.  I meant for all of the bags to close with Velcro, but halfway through assembly my sticky side Velcro wandered off.  (I suspect it hitched a ride on a friend’s jacket.  Velcro’s sneaky like that.)  The remaining bags ended up with a button closure.  Note to self: add snaps to craft stash.

Nearly everyone who got a bag asked me what it was for – and I had no idea.  I hope they’ll tell me how they end up using their bags!