Before and After: Cat Dishes

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Cat Bowls Before and After

Problem: Mismatched dishes, undersized placemat and spilled food that would migrate across the slick surfaces out of the food area.  (Our dog Mojo knows not to eat from the cat food dishes, but he feels that cleaning up stray pieces of food is OK, and sometimes if they’ve spilled a lot he gets on a roll and cleans out all the dishes, too.)

Solution: A set of vintage melmac bowls found on Etsy and quilted placemat that helps keep dropped food from spreading away from the dishes.  The placemat was a piece of patchwork I’d sewn for another project and abandoned, just cut to the size I wanted.  (That’s why the squares are strangely sized, but the cats haven’t seemed to notice.)  We also just gave up on having a water dish by the cat bowls.  They never used it and it just got yucky.  They all share dog water.

New Bowls and a Quilted Placemat for the Cats

Since the change, Mojo has eaten the cat food once, but that is an improvement.  The quilted placemat can just be thrown in the wash, which is nice.  I’ll probably end up making them another placemat or two and they probably deserve another set of dishes, too.  Not that they’re spoiled at all.


Hot and Cold Half Square Triangle Pillow


Time to Quilt

After a LOT of quilting, the second of ten couch pillows has been completed!  This pillow pattern is also from the fabulous book Pillow POP!  I’m used to making half square triangles that use value to create design, but this one uses a difference in warm and cool colors.  I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work out, but I do love the result!

Two Pillows

My pillow forms are a little larger than those used in the book and I also used smaller half square triangles, so the look is a little different.  I also quilted this one very, very heavily, as I expect it to be the one that sits behind my husband most often.  He’s not really gentle with handmade things, so it needs to be tough.  Extra quilting means extra strength!

Hot and Cold Quilting Detail

Hot and Cold HST Pillow

And now my couch pillow project is on pause because my lovely niece has asked for my help in a very worth quilting project.  I think the fabric will arrive this afternoon, so the timing of this finish was perfect!


HST Couch Pillow Started


HST Pillow Cover Started

Just sharing my progress on my couch pillows!  (Getting there!)


An Upcoming Project — Pillows


First, meet Percy. Cute, isn’t he?  Then, see the blue couch to the left of him?  The cushions on the back of the couch are overly “smooshie”, and not in a good way.  They’re smooshie in a “what’s wrong with your couch cushions?” kind of way.  So I have a brilliant plan to replace the cushions with large, colorful, quilted pillows.  I’m starting with this one from the book Pillow POP!  The books is filled with great pillow designs, which will really be helpful as I have a lot to make.  This one drew me in first, Fresh Bloom by Ryan Walsh.

Flower Pillow Top

Recognize the colors from my Lava Meets Sea quilt?  (Yes, there will be a similar pillow in blue.)   One of my daughters noticed that the text fabric is about instructions for making a pillowcase.  Perfect, isn’t it?

But for now I’m back to finishing a quilt top.  Pillows (and the smooshie couch) will have to wait just a bit longer.


Cord Keepers


Yesterday I saw a post for Cord Keepers made from fabric scraps.  This was one of those “Doh!” moments when I realized I really should have made these years ago.  There’s a tutorial on Made by Me, Shared with You along with a nice template, but I just made simple rectangles with velcro stitched to either side.

Butterfly Cord Keeper

Useful just around the house, but just think of how much easier it will be to handle all those power cords during travel!

Mickey Cord Keeper

It really doesn’t take much more than that, a couple of rectangular scraps of fabric and velcro.  Mickey makes organization more fun.

Cord Keepers

And like any other useful, quick craft, once you start you’ll quickly have a stack to share!

Cord Keepers Stack

And apparently, everyone wants these!  These would be great to make in bulk when you have some free time, ready to wrap up when you need a quick gift.  (I’m thinking they’d make nice teacher gifts, helpful for summer travel over break!)