Cord Keepers


Yesterday I saw a post for Cord Keepers made from fabric scraps.  This was one of those “Doh!” moments when I realized I really should have made these years ago.  There’s a tutorial on Made by Me, Shared with You along with a nice template, but I just made simple rectangles with velcro stitched to either side.

Butterfly Cord Keeper

Useful just around the house, but just think of how much easier it will be to handle all those power cords during travel!

Mickey Cord Keeper

It really doesn’t take much more than that, a couple of rectangular scraps of fabric and velcro.  Mickey makes organization more fun.

Cord Keepers

And like any other useful, quick craft, once you start you’ll quickly have a stack to share!

Cord Keepers Stack

And apparently, everyone wants these!  These would be great to make in bulk when you have some free time, ready to wrap up when you need a quick gift.  (I’m thinking they’d make nice teacher gifts, helpful for summer travel over break!)