WIP: Scrappy Attic Staircase


Scrappiness Happiness Quilt Top Porch

I finished my Scrappy Attic Staircase quilt top this morning before work, just in time to drop it at the quilt shop tomorrow.  I’m keeping this one, so I stitched it full of fabrics that remind me of people and places I love.  Plus it has fun things to find, like Godzilla, the TARDIS, a Dalek, Batman, Pokemon …

Scrappiness Happiness Quilt Top

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


A Quick Way to Check Color Value – The Lack of Color


I’m starting on a new quilt that will rely heavily on color value and wanted to sort my stack of fabrics into dark, medium and light piles.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you have it quite right when looking at the colors.  The hues and color saturation can fool the eye, so to double check, I take a photo.  In this case, a horribly grainy phone pic in the dim pre-dawn light.  (Ugh, sorry.)


And yes, Diego is still a “helpful” assistant.

Then I used a phone app to remove the color from the photo, which makes the value easier to see.


With this view, I grabbed the fourth from the left in the medium section and moved it to the lights.  The one to the very far right might have gone better in the mediums, but I left it.

Now to start cutting!