English Paper Piecing Star Coasters


For your browsing pleasure, a photographic mish-mash of assorted English paper pieced star coasters in their various stages of construction:







And a kit made for my little sister in law who wants to learn English paper piecing:


It contains a Happy Doggie needle book, red, white and blue fabric, batting, felt backing, scissors, thread, thread conditioner and a little soap box to hold the paper piecing templates.  (I used 1.5″ 60 degree diamonds from Quilt Laughing on Etsy.)  I added a label for fun.


And I have a large paper piecing project that I’ve been away from for too long, so back to it!


Felt Drink Coasters

Front of Coaster #1

Just before my Christmas madness started, I decided to make myself a new coaster to use at my desk.  I mentioned it to my sister in law, and she suggested that we each make a set of coasters and then swap.  Perfect!  Since I’d plan to use this coaster for my coffee, I started with a little cup of creamy coffee cut from felt.  I decided to just stick with a theme of drinkables.  And a plain back just seemed unfinished somehow, so I stitched on a quote about each beverage on the back.

Sadly, I got distracted by Christmas before I even got a fourth one made, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Here’s how they turned out:

3 of 4 Coasters, Fronts

(Sorry about the crappy pictures against a keyboard.  At the time, who knew I’d decide to have a craft blog?  That’ll teach me.)

I stitched them with an extra layer of thick felt in the middle to add stability and hopefully make them more absorbent.  Here are the backs.

3 of 4 Coasters, Backs

(Really, I’m sorry about the phone pics on keyboards with my KNEES right there.  Thank you for putting up with me.)

In case you can’t make out the words, they say:

  • The mouth of the happy man is full of beer.  ~Egyptian Proverb
  • Tequila makes her clothes fall off.  ~Joe Nichols
  • I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee …  ~Carly Simon

If there had been a fourth, I think it would have been wine.

This little crafty challenge was fun because we encouraged each other as we went along and we each ended up with a cute set of handmade coasters.  Hopefully we can have another challenge in the future.  You know, after the Christmas crafting madness is over.