Painted Doily Candles

Christmas Candle

Alternate title: Hers Turned Out So Much Nicer Than Mine!

I made this quick little candle craft based on the tutorial from Alli at One Pearl Button.  It was super quick and easy, but I like hers so much better!  I think straight-sided, frosted or colored glass would help, and maybe a less-gloppy paint pen.  Anyway, I like the idea enough that I’ll give it another try.  And hmm, wouldn’t this be a great way to spruce up an old T-shirt or a plain tote bag?

Santa Around the House


Santa and Tattoed Friend

We’re getting ready to hit the road to visit with my husband’s family for Christmas, so I thought I’d just share a few Santa-ish items I’ve made.  Look at the sassy tattoo on that reindeer!

"Dear Santa" Pillow

Here’s a little flower pot Santa candy dish.  I made these in multiples and gave them away as gifts, so glad I kept one!

Flower Pot Santa

Starting Monday I’ll be able to post what I’ve been working on as Christmas gifts this year.  Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Crafting Tiny Christmas Art


Santa Pictures

I recently found a box of cross stitch crafts I’d made years ago when I was a stay at home Mom.  There were a few tiny Santas stitched on perforated paper, a little larger than postage stamps, that I think I’d intended to use on little photo albums.  But in our digital age I don’t print many photos – this didn’t seem like a good use anymore.  I decided they could just be “decorative Christmas art”.  This craft would work just as well with a little Christmas embellishment in place of the Santa.


You’ll need Mod Podge, a variety of scrapbook papers, little canvases, some spare cardboard, glue, some ribbon and your embellishment.  First, cut a piece of paper large enough to wrap around the front, sides and just over the back edge of your canvas, then brush a layer of Mod Podge on the back of the paper and the canvas itself.  Wrap it just like a gift, using extra Mod Podge to hold the paper in place.  I used glossy Mod Podge, so I also brushed a layer on the outside of the paper for added sheen.

Wrapped Canvases

Cut a piece of cardboard smaller than your canvas and cover in the same way.  As your cardboard section dries, you can add a little ribbon to your canvas piece if you’d like.  Cut a length of ribbon and glue both ends to the back of the canvas.

Ribbon for Shimmer

The set of Christmas papers I purchased also had coordinating Christmas stickers, so I added these to the cardboard pieces.  Once all your pieces are dry, it’s time to glue them together.  Embellishment to cardboard piece, cardboard on canvas.

Attach Santas

After allowing more drying time, you can make the back look a little neater by gluing on another piece of paper to cover.  I’ll be including little easels when I give these as gifts.

Santa Pictures

Santa Pictures

I feel a little more prepared for Christmas already!