The Attraction of Cats to Quilts


Isn’t that always the way? Work for ages sewing down the binding of a quilt, finish and want a quick picture or two to send to the recipient — and BANG! Cats all over it.

Mom's Cross Quilt Collage

I’ll try for better (cat free!) pictures at the park this weekend!


Leonidas and the Pin Cushion

Sleepy Office Kitten

Somehow in the last month or so I just lost the desire to sew.  The holidays were hectic with travel and visitors, then we passed around a couple colds and followed that up with a little trip to NYC.  When we got home, I thought my sweet cat G looked like he didn’t feel well.  Then I noticed he wasn’t eating.  We took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with an especially nasty abdominal cancer, and because of his pain we had him put right to sleep.  Having just lost our cat Aslan four months ago, I couldn’t stand it.

Mom's Quilt Kitten Wrestling Collage

Days later I took the girls to the shelter and we picked out little Leonidas.  He’s a great little brother for Diego.  Having two kittens has mostly made it easier for me to get things done, since they play together and don’t always need me to distract them.  I’ve slowly been getting back to neglected projects, including binding the quilt for my Mom shown above.  (Sorry about the cat fur, Mom.)

We have had a problem with the pincushion that usually sits out where they can reach it, though.  Pincushions are just about cat-toy-sized and apparently they’re great fun to bat around the house.  Finding pins scattered everywhere is a scary thing!  Lucky it seems that no kitties were harmed in the great pin cushion adventure, but I needed to stop it from happening again.  My solution was to put it in a little food storage container.

Pincushion Cat Safety

It’s still right there within reach for me, but the kitties are now thwarted from their little pin cushion games.  *Whew!*




X and + 25

I kept myself busy over the weekend sewing a few more blocks for the X and + “Tough Chickie” quilt.

The distraction was needed because Friday morning we lost our beloved cat, Aslan.   He’d lost so much weight from pancreatitis.  Even with his medicines and special diet, he just kept losing weight, and by the end he was in pain.  I just couldn’t stand it.  Here’s his last picture, on my lap while I worked.

Aslan Thestral

And here’s one of his baby pictures with my younger daughter, just because I prefer to remember him cute and healthy.

Baby As and Bri

Today also marks the one year anniversary of losing our dog Sam at the ripe old age of 15.

I am so at risk of “accidentally” ending up at the animal shelter.  Is it kitten season?