WIP: New Quilted Cover for the Patchwork Bench

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WIP Patchwork Bench

Our kitchen makeover is almost done.  One of the few remaining projects is recovering our patchwork bench so that it fits the updated room a little better.  The bench sits in our kitchen beside the door to the garage and functions as a mini mud room, with shoes thrown underneath and lunch bags and backpacks on top.  During the day when it’s cleared off, it’s a good napping space for cats.

I’m sewing blocks using colors pulled from the kitchen, black from the appliances, dark brown from the newly painted cabinets, gray from the new concrete counters and red from the accents.  I’m hoping for an “optical illusion” sort of finished pattern, but I’ll settle for less yellow/more modern.   The fabrics are peppered cottons that are especially soft.  I’m worried they may not hold up well against the cats.  But you know — one of the blessings cats bring to our lives is the gift of learning not to get too attached to “stuff”, right?


City Grid Pillow


City Grid Pillow in Progress

For my Mother in Law’s Mother’s Day gift, I made a pillow in reds left over from the Lava Meets Sea quilt.  Since I’ve already made a flower pillow from the reds too, I’m about out of the reds.  I may have to buy that color bundle again, it was just so perfect for so many projects.  This pattern is from City Quilts for the quilt City Green.

City Grid Pillow

I love it so much, I think I’ll use the leftover blues to make a new wall quilt to keep.

What’s one more thing on the To Do List, right?