A Quilted Bible Cover

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Quilted Bible Cover

This was made in the usual “book cover” style, with the outer cover starting out about a half inch larger than the book all the way around.

Quilted Bible Cover

And it was quilted super fast on my speed demon “new” Singer 301.  (I’m in love!)


Colors were inspired by my highlighters.

Quilted Bible Cover



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Just wanted to throw out a few random projects that never made it to the blog.

A hexie pillow:

Hexie Pillow

An owl family tree banner, with a little egg in the nest for the owlet on the way:

Owl Family Tree

A bottle cover ( fabric cut 6″x15″, sewn with a 1/4″ seam will fit an American Honey bottle perfectly!):

Like a Mad Men Christmas

A wordy book cover:

Book Cover

And a handsome door greeter:

G Says Hello.

If you want more details on any of these,  let me know.  I guess any of these actually could be a blog post, I’ve just neglected them!