Quilts, for Beginnings and Endings


A joyful beginning: there’s a baby on the way!  The race is on to try to get the binding done on this Dallas Cowboys quilt before little Noah arrives.

Dallas Cowboys Quilt Unbound

We can’t wait to meet you, Noah!  (But a few more days for that binding would be much appreciated, thanks!)

And and ending: someone I care an awful lot about shocked me with the news that her marriage is over, she’s getting divorced.  Feeling that I needed to do something for her, I immediately started making quilt blocks.

The quilt will give her something warm and comforting to cuddle up in, a good excuse to take naps.  Naps will be good for her.  Throwing it across a chair will make any room feel a little happier.  Happier will be good.  And it will be something new, something that is just hers.

+ and X 16

I’m calling it the Tough Chickie Quilt because it’s scrappy (made from scraps) to remind her that she can be scrappy (a tough little fighter) when she needs to be.  So often we grow into the labels we give ourselves.  Remember you’re Tough, Chickie.

The little bits of flannel, voile, seersucker and corduroy make for lots of textural interest –this quilt will feel good under her hands.  Here’s hoping it will help soothe her heart, too.

My mind is full of beginnings, and endings and quilts.