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Mias Baby Quilt Pieced

As I’m working on this baby quilt for a friend’s first grandchild, I’m writing up the pattern so you can make one, too.  Since it uses the same method as my Alternate Ending Quilt pattern, this will be an add-on to that pattern.  In other words, you’ll need to have both quilt patterns to complete this one.  Since I may make a few add-on patterns, this would help you avoid paying full price for small variations and wading through pages of instructions you already know.

Ideas for using this pattern:

  • I’ve ordered fabric to make this little flower quilt again as a red poppy for my family room wall.  I think it’ll have a completely different mood in bright orange-red and black.
  • A friend wants to make a larger, full sized quilt version of this.  Since she has four daughters, I suggested she may want to make four flowers, each using the colors of her daughters’ birth months.  I love the idea of a personalized family quilt.
  • Imagine sending out birth announcements with baby photographed in the middle of a pink or blue flower!

I’ll let you know once the pattern is ready!


Deer Quilt, Bound and Finished




Deer Quilt 1

Deer Quilt 2

When I heard that a friend in Florida had a new granddaughter, I instantly wanted to make her this little deer quilt.  Years ago, we both blogged and had names we used online for our kids.  I had Tall One and Little One (which is how we assumed the dogs told the kids apart) and my friend had Mini Me and Lumberjack.  Well, time flies and children grow.  Lumberjack is a Daddy, and a deer quilt seems like a perfect fit for a Lumberjack’s beautiful daughter.

I’m really pleased with that bright pink binding against the blue, and I’m so in love with the deer that I may need to make myself one to keep.  The pattern is free from the hugely talented Luke Haynes, with a PDF pattern and instructions at We All Sew.  While it looks complicated, the steps are broken down nicely and it’s all easy to follow.  It seems pretty forgiving of small mistakes, too.  If you like the quilt and you sew at all, give it a try.

And now, back to sewing …


WIP: Deer Baby Quilt


Deer Quilt in Progress

Deer Quilt, Medium Tone Added, Not Yet Sewn

My current work in progress is a sweet little deer baby quilt.  I’ll post more about it when it’s finished, but I thought you might like a peek of how it looks right now.  In the last photo, the medium tone fabric isn’t yet sewn down, it’s just laying on the white.  (Oh, what a challenge that is going to be!)  There will be one more layer of darker fabric to add a little more detail and dimension.


A “Modified Bow Tie” Quilt

Current WIP: Baby Boy Quilt

I started this little quilt on Christmas Eve, when I had a surprise day off and my husband took our daughters out for their annual breakfast and shopping date.  I started with a few mini charm packs of Simple Marks Summer by Malka Dubrawsky and some Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Stone.

Modified Bow Tie Quilt Ingredients

I cut the gray into five inch squares and stitched diagonally across the colorful fabrics in two opposite corners.  If I’d arranged all the squares in the same direction, this would’ve been a bow tie quilt.  But I used them more like half square triangles and arranged them as I liked, with a diamond radiating outward spokes.  (If anyone knows of a name for this design, please let me know!)

And as always, sunlight through a quilt is just magical!

Sunlight Through a Modified Bow Tie Quilt

But harsh winter sunlight is not quite as kind.  I had a really hard time getting decent pictures of the finished quilt.

Levi's Quilt

The back is a super soft rock-n-roll dinosaurs flannel.

Levi's Quilt

And it’s on its way to little Levi in Florida, where I hope it will not have to see snow again!



An Ombre Baby Quilt: Ansley’s Diamonds


Ansley's Diamonds Texture

Lucy and Chad are having a baby.  This means that Skylar is going to be a big sister, so when I made a baby quilt, I saved the leftover squares and made a little doll quilt for the soon-to-be big sister.  While Mom takes care of baby, Skylar can be right beside her, caring for her own little beanie baby, or whatever toddlers play with now.

Finished Ansley's Diamonds and Skylar's Quilt

While the baby quilt looks like squares on point, it’s actually made from the exact same hourglass blocks in the doll quilt, just arranged differently.  The tops are pieced from just two yards of ombre fabrics, one in green and one in pink.  I wanted the colors to flow in opposite directions, so it moves from dark green/light pink to light green/dark pink.  I love the effect!  Sometimes it even seems that the colors are “floating” one over the other.  If you want the same fabrics, I used Simply Color by V and Co. for Moda.  (Click the link to view the ombre jelly rolls — someday I MUST get my hands on one!  How gorgeous is that?!  I may need an aqua and gray quilt of my own … )

And oh, the crinkle!

Ansley's Diamonds Baby Quilt

This fabric was a joy!  And now that Ansley’s little diamond quilt is finished, it’s time to move on to new/old projects.  Thankfully, it just never seems to end!