American Made Brand Fabrics


American Made Brand Blog Tour

If  seeing “Made in the USA” makes you happy, you’re going to love this.

There’s an awesome company called American Made Brand making fabrics that are made from:

  • 100% American grown premium upland cotton
  • 100% American spun yarn
  • 100%American woven cloth
  • 100% American dyed fabric

Like American Made Brand says, “Not just made here.  Grown here.”  Love it!

They’re hosting a 50 state blog tour showcasing American blogging quilters (quilting bloggers?) with each blogger creating a pieced license plate to represent their state in any way they choose.  These imaginative re-invented license plates will be sewn together to make up a colorful quilt of license plates from all 50 states.

Each blogger will also be giving away eight different fat quarters from American Made Brand, so be sure to visit them all!  Did I mention there are 50 colors in their palate?  Love that.  The blog tour will start May 19th, so be sure to check back at American Made Brand’s site daily to click through to the next stop.

AMB Bundles

And did I mention that I was asked to represent West Virginia?  I’m kind of stunned by that, and completely honored and maybe even a little nervous.  (I’ll be posting my contribution on June 11th.)

I mean, these are gorgeous fabrics, and buying them brings business to American farmers, spinners and weavers, not to mention our beloved quilt shop owners.

AMB Quilts

As quilters, we love to have meaning and purpose behind the things we sew.  The love we stitch in just goes a few layers deeper with this fabric, doesn’t it?