Click the title under each photo for more details.

The 24 Years Quilt

The 24 Years Quilt

The A and B Quilt

The A and B Quilt

Stardust at Sunrise Quilt

Stardust at Sunrise

Two Star Quilts Title

Little Stars Mini Quilts

Wine and Whiskey Mini Quilt Title

Wine & Whiskey Mini Quilt

Hashtag Quilt Title

Hashtag Quilt

Wonky Stars Quilt Title Pic

A Wonky Stars Quilt with a Plot Twist

Deer Quilt Title

Deer Quilt for Lumberjack’s Daughter

Heart Quilt Title Page
Amelia’s Heart Quilt

Levi's Quilt Title

Levi’s Modified Bow Tie Quilt

Kaori's Quilt Title Photo

Kaori’s Hugs and Kisses Quilt

Healing Quilt Title Photo

The Healing Quilt, a Gift for a Leukemia Patient

Lava Meets Sea Title

The Lava Meets Sea Quilt

Samurai-ish Quilt Title

Dad’s Samurai-ish Quilt

Ansley's Diamonds Baby Quilt Title

Ansley’s Diamonds: An Ombre Baby Quilt

Title Tough Chickie Quilt

The Tough Chickie Quilt, A Quilt About Divorce

Title for Grandma Tell Me a Story Quilt

The Grandma Tell Me a Story Quilt

Cross Quilt for Alexis

Good Fortune Cross Quilt for Alexis

Mom's Flea Market Fancy Quilt Title Photo

Mom’s Flea Market Fancy Cross Quilt

Good Job Rasing Her

The “Good Job Raising Her” Granny Square Quilt

Juju's Quilt

Juju’s Quilt: Inspired by Her Parents’ Wedding

Little House on the Prairie Quilt

The Little House on the Prairie Quilt

Dallas Cowboys Quilt Title

Dallas Cowboys Quilts
Dream On Quilt

Dream On Quilt

Boy and Girl Quilt

Boy and Girl Quilts Made from a Jelly Roll

I-Spy Baby Quilt

I-Spy Baby Quilt
Little Pink Quilt

Little Pink Quilt


Lightning Quilt

Spectrum Baby Quilt

Spectrum Baby Quilt

Floral Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

Floral Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

Africa Title

The Africa Quilt

Granny Square

Granny Square Quilt, Made from a Jelly Roll and Two Charm Packs


Puppy Quilt

Planes, Trains

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Play Quilt


Bliss Tumbler Quilt

I Spy

I-Spy Patchwork Quilt

Chevron Values

Chevron Values Quilt

Cut Chenille Blanket

Cut Chenille Baby Blanket

13 thoughts on “Quilts

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    • Hi, Justin! I don’t currently sell my quilts, but thank you for your interest! I’ve considered selling baby quilts, but I just wouldn’t have time to make anything larger in addition to everything else. (And somehow I haven’t managed to find time for that much, so … !)

  2. I hope this is seen as a compliment & not offensive, but I am obsessed with your Lava meets the sea quilt, but not for me directly, I would Love to give one to my precious Mother, she has always wanted one& this one is perfect! Would you consider ever making one to sell?

    • Hi, Anne! I’m flattered that you like the quilt so much! Currently, I just don’t have time to make quilts to sell. I work full time, have kids, all that and don’t even get to make all the quilts I’d like to make for friends and family. (For instance, I still haven’t been able to start on a quilt for my own bed, and that’s something that’s really important to me.) You may want to check on Etsy, where there are quilters who will sometimes make a quilt to order. Feel free to refer someone here and I’ll help with any questions they might have!

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