NYC Map Quilting Template

Haptic Lab NYC Template 1

Haptic Lab is now offering DIY map quilt templates of New York City!  We love spending time in New York, so this is going to be a gift to myself, personalized with some of our favorite NYC places.

It looks detailed, but the method itself is simple: make a quilt sandwich (backing/batting/top) and secure the template on top.  Stitching is done directly through the template.  When you’re done, tear away the template, bind and enjoy your quilt!  It’s sized to use with a yard cut of fabric, which will make a nice wall quilt or baby quilt.

It’s a little difficult to see the detail because the top is a somewhat sheer, and in my photos the template is laying on the dark wood of our dining room table.

Haptic Lab NYC Template Manhattan

Haptic Lab NYC Template Detail

The coastal boundaries are thick, dark lines.  The main streets solid black, with secondary streets in a lighter gray that are harder to see here.  Thankfully it’s easier to see in person, as I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this!

You can buy your own template or quilt kit here or purchase a finished quilt here.  (There are other cities available!)

Photo Op

Diego Tough Chickie

Just got the quilt back from the quilt shop, spread it on the floor for the girls to see and Diego posed for me.  That kitten knows a photo op when he sees one!

Now to make time to bind the quilt and get it to its new owner!  (Giving quilts away is the best part of making them!)

Waitin’ and Workin’

Mom's Cross Quilt Top

A month later I’m still waiting on my Tough Chickie quilt to be long arm quilted at my local quilt shop, so as any quilting addict would do I’ve been making more quilts in the meanwhile!  (I’m just wondering though, is a month crazy long to wait for a quilt?  Should I be shopping around?  This waiting really slows me down!)  This weekend I finished a quilt top for my Mom.  I’ll give more details later, but I wanted something really clean and bold for her, and it has to be looooong enough to work for my 6’4″ step Dad, too.  This should do it!  I even got to experience a little 4.3 earthquake while I sewed the rows together, a rarity here in West Virginia.  It all just becomes a part of the quilt’s story, doesn’t it?

Speaking of stories, I’ve just started a quilt that I think I’ll call Grandma, Tell Me a Story.  This one will go to my in-laws.

GTMAS Blocks Start

I’m using A Walk in the Woods and Little Apples by Aneela Hooey.  My in-laws love camping and being outdoors and they have a lot of red and gray in their house, so I think this will work for them.  And although my kids are older (19 and 14), most of their eight grandkids are young enough to want to crawl up in their laps and hear a story.  You’ve got to enjoy those days while you have them, and a quilt helps commemorate that time.

GTMAS Detail

I love the little foxes!

Next up, my best friend has asked me to help her learn quilt binding, so even though there are many tutorials out there, I hope to be sharing my own method mostly so that Kim can follow along easily.  I’ll post that at some point after I get the Tough Chickie quilt back so I have something that needs binding.  (I miss that quilt!)

Dallas Cowboys Baby Quilts


Dallas Cowboys Quilt B

Our friends Chris and Angel are about to have a son — an unexpected, completely blessed surprise.  Chris and my husband Jay are best friends, and they share a love of the Dallas Cowboys.

Just for full disclosure, I am an Eagles fan.  But when the Cowboys win, my house is happy, so … hard to be a hater.

54. He BIT Me!!

But anyway … Chris and Angel are having a baby boy right in the midst of football season, and the boy will grow up cheering on the Cowboys along with his Dad.  I thought he should be welcomed into the world as I know he’ll go on, as a Dallas Cowboys fan. So I made him this quilt:

Dallas Cowboys Quilt A

The stars are made using the pattern One Star Americana Patriotic Mini Quilt from Bubblestitch.   This is the first paper piecing I’ve ever done, so even though it looks tough, I can vouch for it being an easy pattern.  I altered the pattern ever so slightly.  The middle “1, 2, 3” spaces are made as one piece in blue for the center star, then a ring of white, one more of blue and then alternating gray and white.  Perfect Dallas stars!  For more interest, I tilted the stars a little this way or that.  I think it keeps the eye moving over the quilt and lends a feeling of motion.

Dallas Cowboys Quilt E

The backing fabric is Dallas Cowboys fabric, just in case the point isn’t made by all those stars on the front.  After baby outgrows his little blanket, I’ve offered to sew a hanging sleeve on the back so it can be hung up on the wall if they like.

And they’re getting a bonus stroller blanket in the softest flannel and voile, just because I want to help spoil this baby.

Dallas Cowboys Quilt Flannel

More Dallas blue and stars!

Dallas Cowboys Quilt C

Hooray for babies!  Hooray for football and for unexpected little football fans!



I’m binding Africa.  That sounds like it would take forever, doesn’t it?  It’s going well so far.

Binding Africa

Maybe I’ve changed mind about how to piece the Dallas Cowboys baby quilt.  Maybe the whole top should be paper pieced stars, and the little flannel squares can be a small stroller blanket.  The bright white of the pieced blocks and the cream in the flannels just aren’t getting along, and I’m thinking of keeping them separated.

WIP: Three Stars

I’m falling behind in the Super Mario Bros. quilt along, but I knew I would from the beginning.

Super Mario Bros Quilt Blocks Four

There’s only so much time, after all.

And my 13 year old cat Aslan is spending a few days at the vet’s office.  Instead of being constantly underfoot, he’s getting some much needed medical attention.


This morning, no one has tried to trip me in the kitchen, and it’s surprising how much a person can miss that.  His tech at the animal hospital tells me he’s feeling a little more like himself this morning.  I asked, “You mean he bit you?”  She laughed.  Yes, that’s right.  Ah, my sweet/mean cat.  Come home and boss us all around again soon.