Memorial Daddy Bears


Daddy Bears

When my friend Clint was in his final weeks battling testicular cancer, I felt really helpless.  I wanted to do something for Clint, his wife Angela and their family, but didn’t know what or how.  I ended up writing to Angela, feeling pushy and awkward, and offered her my future sewing services.  I wanted to make something from Clint’s shirts to help their little boys remember him.  Thankfully, she knew just what I meant and in spite of how weird I felt offering, she was glad to accept.  Her Aunt already wanted to make bears for the boys, but Angela didn’t want Clint’s adult daughters to be left out.

Clint died December 11, 2011.  Angela sent me a box of shirts.  At the time, I was in the middle of a project and had to set them aside, but I couldn’t resist – I pulled out a random shirt and hugged it, then carefully boxed them up.  She had picked out a sewing pattern she liked and included it, McCall’s Crafts M6135, if you’re interested.  She preferred Bear B, with his cute little toes.  (Love the toes!)

Daddy Bears Pattern

If you decide to sew a memorial bear, just know it’s really difficult to cut into a friend’s shirt.  I didn’t want to be slicing into his shirt, I wanted him to be wearing it.  I dragged my feet.  As she did when we were losing Clint, Angela helped me to be practical and get to it.  Let me tell you, that woman has an amazing strength and a supportive spirit!  Did you notice that there are four bears?  Yes, there’s one for Angela, too.

Daddy Bears' #weloveclint Bracelets

We decided these Daddy Bears should have the #weloveclint bracelets we wore to support him and spread the message about testicular cancer.  I think they really like their bracelets.

Daddy Bears

Here they are with my own little Anna Claire Bear.  (My Aunt Joyce had these made for my cousins and me when we lost our Grandma.  They’re little, each made from her favorite wool coat she bought on a vacation in Ireland.)  When you are missing someone, it really does help to hold a little bear made from clothes that remind you of them.

Daddy Bears with Anna Claire Bear

Clint’s Daddy Bears are a very hug-friendly size.

Daddy Bears

I hope when they hug their bears, they can feel their Daddy hugging them back.  Because you know he is.  You know he always is.

In a post already loaded with pictures, I still need to share the most important ones with you.  Here are Sarah, Kathleen and Victoria receiving their Daddy Bears.  Enjoy the smiles and hugs!

Sarah and Her Daddy Bear

Sarah and Her Daddy Bear

Sarah and Her Daddy Bear

Kathleen and Her Daddy Bear

Kathleen and Her Daddy Bear

Kathleen and Her Daddy Bear

Victoria and Her Daddy Bear

Victoria and Her Daddy Bear

Victoria and Her Daddy Bear

With many thanks to their Mom for delivering them and sharing these photos with us!

If you’d like a way to help other kids going through the loss of a parent, please take a look at the Clint Miller Memorial Foundation and consider making a contribution.

Personalized Felt Sewing Kits

WV Sewing Kit

I made this little purse sized sewing kit for a friend and then completely forgot to send it to her.  Oops!  Then I saw Sew4Home repost their World’s Cutest Felt Sewing Kit and remembered — Doh!!  I altered their design slightly to fit the little sewing kit “ingredients” I was able to find, and personalized the outer design for my friend who is from and dearly loves our beautiful state of West Virginia.

Click through to see Sew4Home’s cute cat design, but keep in mind that it’s an easy design to adjust.  These make wonderful gifts IF you remember to send them!  (Sorry, Lori!)

How to Make Your Printer Work on Fabric


Organizer Covers

Did you know that if you iron a piece of fabric to the waxy side of freezer paper, then cut it to regular paper size (8.5″x11″), you can put it through your computer printer?  Well, it worked for me with my Kodak printer anyway, although I did learn to keep my hands on the fabric to steady it as it feeds through after my first attempt jammed inside.  The result is a little grungy looking, as you can see little stripes and smears of ink here and there.  As that’s kind of what I was going for, I’m pretty happy with the look.

These are a couple more of the organizer wallets from my last post.  They are addictive little things, and I’ve found that I enjoy them even more if I get a little creative with the covers.  Having an easy way to incorporate writing makes me that much happier with them.

Being able to print on fabric opens up a whole new world of crafting ideas!  Think about how you can personalize gifts with a favorite quote, scripture or even a private joke, so the recipient will know the gift was made just for them.  If you are working on a handmade Christmas this year, I hope this helps!

52 Reasons I Love Him


52 Reasons I Love YouToday’s my husband’s birthday — Happy Birthday, Jay!  :)  He’s already wearing his main present (a tattoo), but I wanted him to have something to open on the actual day.  It was just too sad to think he wouldn’t have anything to unwrap, and I needed to keep costs way down as we’re about to go on vacation.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it!  Papervine had done a deck of cards for Valentine’s Day, but I thought it would work just as well for a birthday.  After all, who doesn’t want to hear why you love them?

I used a new deck of cards, scuffed them up with sandpaper and gave them a rub with a pigment ink stamp pad, concentrating on the edges.  I thought the ink might slide a bit and get all over my hands, but it held fast right from the start.   One of the extra cards made a nice template to keep punched holes even,and a couple binder rings keeps everything together.  (I may replace them with black ones later, we just happened to have these on hand.)

There are great free labels from Cathe at Just Something I Made.  (She has them in red, green, black and brown if you want a different look.)  Trimmed an eighth of an inch all the way around, I think they were just right.

LabelsThese also got aged with the stamp pad, then I just wrote out my list one by one.

52 Reasons I Love YouSome are private jokes.

52 Reasons I Love YouOther crafters may relate to some of them.

52 Reasons I Love YouBut I hope they all show him why he is just right for me.

52 Reasons I Love You(Mojo is our dog, who loves to be the first one to greet his Daddy when he gets home from work.)

52 Things I Love About YouHappy birthday, Baby!  Wishing you many, many more!

Thank You, Tip Junkie!

Tip Junkie

What a nice start to my day – my button monogram pillow was featured on Tip Junkie!  For more crafty button ideas, please see the post here.