Personalized Felt Sewing Kits

WV Sewing Kit

I made this little purse sized sewing kit for a friend and then completely forgot to send it to her.  Oops!  Then I saw Sew4Home repost their World’s Cutest Felt Sewing Kit and remembered — Doh!!  I altered their design slightly to fit the little sewing kit “ingredients” I was able to find, and personalized the outer design for my friend who is from and dearly loves our beautiful state of West Virginia.

Click through to see Sew4Home’s cute cat design, but keep in mind that it’s an easy design to adjust.  These make wonderful gifts IF you remember to send them!  (Sorry, Lori!)

A Little Zebra Dog

19/365 A Lil' Zebra

I have an ear infection that feels like it isn’t going away any time soon, regardless of the antibiotics, and I am too full of self pity to craft.

Well, almost too full of self pity to craft.  Instead of working on what I should have been doing (finishing a crocheted black and white baby blanket) I let myself work on something a little more entertaining – a scottie dog in a felt zebra print.

Isn’t she cute?

Lil' Zebra

(Please pardon the cluttered craft area.)  Someday I’ll finish the blanket, and the blanket and zebra dog will go live with sweet little Ava.  Someday.

But for now I’ll go, before I whine any more.  You go make stuff.  :)

Felt Twitter Bags

7/365 Craftiness

I’m back from New York and somehow I didn’t make it to a single craft store.  I know, shame on me!  I stayed busy and had a great time, so I won’t feel too badly about it.

A few days before my trip I realized I wanted to make a little gift for my roomies and a few other friends.  These little Twitter bags are quick, easy to make and didn’t take up much space in my suitcase — all vitally important when you’re pressed for time.  I used the same stencil I’d made for the personalized Twitter tote bags to trace the birds and branches on leftover pieces of felt.  The bags themselves are just a full sheet of felt cut in half, and the little leaves were just to add a spot of color.  I meant for all of the bags to close with Velcro, but halfway through assembly my sticky side Velcro wandered off.  (I suspect it hitched a ride on a friend’s jacket.  Velcro’s sneaky like that.)  The remaining bags ended up with a button closure.  Note to self: add snaps to craft stash.

Nearly everyone who got a bag asked me what it was for – and I had no idea.  I hope they’ll tell me how they end up using their bags!

Felt Drink Coasters

Front of Coaster #1

Just before my Christmas madness started, I decided to make myself a new coaster to use at my desk.  I mentioned it to my sister in law, and she suggested that we each make a set of coasters and then swap.  Perfect!  Since I’d plan to use this coaster for my coffee, I started with a little cup of creamy coffee cut from felt.  I decided to just stick with a theme of drinkables.  And a plain back just seemed unfinished somehow, so I stitched on a quote about each beverage on the back.

Sadly, I got distracted by Christmas before I even got a fourth one made, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Here’s how they turned out:

3 of 4 Coasters, Fronts

(Sorry about the crappy pictures against a keyboard.  At the time, who knew I’d decide to have a craft blog?  That’ll teach me.)

I stitched them with an extra layer of thick felt in the middle to add stability and hopefully make them more absorbent.  Here are the backs.

3 of 4 Coasters, Backs

(Really, I’m sorry about the phone pics on keyboards with my KNEES right there.  Thank you for putting up with me.)

In case you can’t make out the words, they say:

  • The mouth of the happy man is full of beer.  ~Egyptian Proverb
  • Tequila makes her clothes fall off.  ~Joe Nichols
  • I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee …  ~Carly Simon

If there had been a fourth, I think it would have been wine.

This little crafty challenge was fun because we encouraged each other as we went along and we each ended up with a cute set of handmade coasters.  Hopefully we can have another challenge in the future.  You know, after the Christmas crafting madness is over.