Ways I Kept Myself Busy in 2014

2014 CoopCrafts Projects

Looking forward to a creative and productive 2015!


NFL Checkerboard


I know a little boy who joined the checkers club at his school and is a big Seattle Seahawks fan.  One of the very finest things about being able to sew is having the ability make him his very own Seattle Seahawks checkerboard and combine his loves!  I gathered fabrics and realized that red checkers looked awful with Seahawks colors.  I ordered a set of replacement checker pieces that came in dark and light wood tones.  It was perfect, and allowed me to deconstruct and personalize their little storage bag, too.

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

Seattle Seahawks Checker Board

I had a slight moment of panic when I finished the board.  I tried to set up the pieces and laid them out in two solid rows, like chess pieces.  There weren’t enough, and for a minute I was just sure that I used the wrong number of squares!  But then I realized what I had done, felt ridiculous and relieved, and took the picture.  I’m very happy to have a unique gift to give my young friend!


Quiet Time Toys to Make for Little Ones


Quiet Toys Altoids 2

I thought I’d share some of the little “quiet time” toys I’ve been making.  I’m calling these “Altoidies”, but they’re supposed to be little mice that live in Altoids tins.  I left off the ears after I realized they’d likely get pinched in the tins when closed.  (Maybe I made their legs too long.)  Next time I’ll either make shorter legs and add the ears, or I’ll make the bodies out of really wild colors so that they look like happy little monsters, not mice.  I think they’re adorable as they are, so I’m leaving them this time.  You can get the pattern from mmmcrafts on Etsy.

Quiet Toys Altoids 3

The cream colored teddy bears remind me of Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes.  I need to make an orange one for myself!  You know, to keep in my purse, because you never know when you might need to entertain a child.  Not because I want a tiny Hobbes in my purse … *ahem*

This next one I’ve seen all over the ‘net, but I still don’t know what to call it.  We’ll go with “button practice”.  You sew a large button to a ribbon, and sew a square of felt to the other end …

Quiet Toys Button Practice 1

and make a pile of felt squares with a slot cut in the middle.  A small child can practice buttoning by sliding each felt square over the button, until the ribbon is full of colorful squares.  (I made mine 2.5″ square.)

Quiet Toys Button Practice 2

Of course you’ll want to pay attention as this toy is used because the button could be a choking hazard.  I made a little case for this one to keep all the little pieces together.

Quiet Toys Button Practice 3

Tag blankets are great for babies and so quick to make!  These are a good size for babies to hold, and the minky fabric on the reverse is so soft and cuddly!  I made these with their parents’ favorite football team in mind, because these baby boys are going to be watching some football this season!  For extra security, I triple stitch when sewing the blankets and ribbons together, then top stitch around the top to “catch” the ribbons in place.

Quiet Toys Taggie Blankies

And this one is still a work in progress – globe stuffies!

Quiet Toys Globes 1

For $18 dollars for a yard of “globe fabric” (found on Spoonflower by Weavingmajor) you can make one 12″ globe, three 6″ globes and four 3″ globes that are perfect for juggling or hacky sack.

Quiet Toys Globes 2

Those little globes are fun to toss around!

With all the electronic diversions surrounding them, quiet toys that inspire creativity are very much needed in little ones’ lives.  Share your craftiness with the tiny ones in your life!

Tiny Cuteness

Tiny Cuteness

Just sharing a little of what I was working on this morning, I’ll show you more about these little guys soon!

More Guinea Pig Stuffies

Guinea Pigs 'n Blankets

I got to give these little sweeties to my nieces and nephews this weekend.  Each guinea pig has its own patchwork quilt, because I thought it was funny to give them (guinea) pigs ‘n blankets.

Guinea Pigs 'n Blankets

Yeah, I didn’t expect them to catch that, but sometimes I’m just out to amuse myself.

Like how this one (my favorite) makes me think of honey badger.

Honey Badger?

If you’d like to make one (or two, or six), I got the pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls on Etsy.  (You can see a couple I made for a charity auction here.)

Go make something cute!