Little Stars Quilts


Lately I’ve been seeing stars. Lots of stars! Star quilts, specifically.

Seeing Stars

This one is to keep, made from gorgeous Japanese fabrics sent to me from my friend Kaori, who lives in Chiba.

Japanese Star Quilt

The star shape was a great compliment to the fabrics,  and simple hand stitching really defined it.  Oh, I love it!

Hand Quilting Detail, Japanese Star Quilt

I enjoyed making it so much that as soon as I was done, I started on one for my little sister in law.  She asked for orange, brown and red.  I threw in teal and black.

Alison's Star Quilt

Rows of ombre stitches make a halo effect, so that the star almost twinkles.

Hand Quilting Detail, Star Quilt

And now I’m working on one that will go back to Japan, to Kaori’s daughter, Anna.  Hers is getting the same “twinkle treatment”.

Anna's Star Hand Quilting

Two Star Quilts

Which kind of brings me back to where I started.  :)  Mine will eventually go up on the quilt wall.

Little Quilt Book

If you’d like to make your own, you can find the Drawn Together foundation paper piecing star pattern in the Little Quilts Book by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger.  (It’s a great book, I plan to make a few more little quilts from it!)


Japanese Craft Books


Japanese Craft Books

Next week I’ll be in New York and this blog will be quiet.  One of the many things I hope to be doing is shopping at a few crafts shops the likes of which just can’t be found around my little hometown in West Virginia.

On a previous trip I bought these Japanese craft books at Kinokuniya Book Store, located across from Bryant Park.  Although not a traditional craft store, they do carry a nice selection of books and some good quality Japanese craft supplies.   And no, I can’t read Japanese.  Thankfully craft books offer lots of pictures.  (Although I was surprised to realize after I got home that the cat book is not just about making cute cat themed items.  You’re supposed to make felt from your pet’s shed fur to create a very true-to-life likeness.  Kind of creeped me out, really.)

Cute Dogs

I also stumbled across the English version of one of the books and bought it for my sister in law.  (Now I can call her for a translation if I get stuck making a Cute Dog!)

Hopefully I’ll have some fun crafty stuff to tell you about when I get back – have a great week!