Painted Doily Candles

Christmas Candle

Alternate title: Hers Turned Out So Much Nicer Than Mine!

I made this quick little candle craft based on the tutorial from Alli at One Pearl Button.  It was super quick and easy, but I like hers so much better!  I think straight-sided, frosted or colored glass would help, and maybe a less-gloppy paint pen.  Anyway, I like the idea enough that I’ll give it another try.  And hmm, wouldn’t this be a great way to spruce up an old T-shirt or a plain tote bag?

Santa Around the House


Santa and Tattoed Friend

We’re getting ready to hit the road to visit with my husband’s family for Christmas, so I thought I’d just share a few Santa-ish items I’ve made.  Look at the sassy tattoo on that reindeer!

"Dear Santa" Pillow

Here’s a little flower pot Santa candy dish.  I made these in multiples and gave them away as gifts, so glad I kept one!

Flower Pot Santa

Starting Monday I’ll be able to post what I’ve been working on as Christmas gifts this year.  Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

A New (Pale) Tree


Our New, Pale Tree

Later I’ll be able to show you the craft I’ve been working on over Thanksgiving, but since it’s a Christmas gift for someone who occasionally peeks at this blog, I’m going to skip over it for now.  I’ll tell you about our new Christmas tree instead.

Our old Christmas tree served us well for years, but it was time for a new one.  I grew up with a fake tree and can’t wrap my mind around the idea of a live (well, dying) tree, so I grabbed my Teen and we were off to find a new one.   I asked my younger daughter if she had any requests before we left.  She said yes, she’d like a white tree.  I rolled my eyes, kissed her forehead and we were off.

White.  Riiiiiight.

Then we got to Target and all of the green trees looked … well, FAKE.  Not that the white trees looked more real, but they certainly weren’t trying to be something they weren’t.  And the multicolored ornaments (which we already had) really popped against the white.  White it was.  My husband wasn’t thrilled but has grudgingly admitted it’s growing on him.

Kitten inspected the new tree …

Kitten Inspects the Tree

And found it delicious.

Christmas Noms

Well, at least some things never change.

American Flag Afghans


American Flag Afghans

Several years ago, when I was transitioning from a stay at home Mom to a working Mom, I thought that in future years I wasn’t going to have as much time to craft for the holidays.  I wanted to make “one more” big handmade gift, not realizing that I just can’t give up making things for loved ones even when it’s a serious time crunch.  I crocheted seven American flag afghans for friends and family, partially during the time I was studying for my real estate license and setting up shop with my broker.  Insane, but ADHD can take you far once you get the hang of it.  :)

I still love going to visit and seeing flag afghans thrown over familiar couches.  What a shame I didn’t find time to make one for us!

This pattern was from Lion Brand yarn and I’d have linked it up, but they make you sign in to see patterns.  Feel free to dig for it on their site here if you like!

Finger Puppet Advent Calendar, DONE.


Completed Finger Puppet Advent Calendar

The finger puppet Advent calendar is DONE and ready to go off to its new home!  While completing this project, I discovered that spray painting is a skill that takes a little practice.  (Sorry Joyce, your spool rack was my first ever attempt, and it shows.)

I purchased the blank tags, then used stamps to add the numbers to count down the days until Christmas.  The tags looked pretty bland, so I grabbed a fine tip Sharpie and traced a little red border along the edges, then tied on a short piece of red and white twine to loop over the little spool posts.

Completed Finger Puppet Advent Calendar

They look so excited at the thought of their new home, don’t they?  (And I really should rig up a light box, see my dining room intruding in the top of the picture?  Sorry about that.)

My next challenge – finding a box for this and getting to the post office before it closes.  Wish me luck!