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Mias Baby Quilt Pieced

As I’m working on this baby quilt for a friend’s first grandchild, I’m writing up the pattern so you can make one, too.  Since it uses the same method as my Alternate Ending Quilt pattern, this will be an add-on to that pattern.  In other words, you’ll need to have both quilt patterns to complete this one.  Since I may make a few add-on patterns, this would help you avoid paying full price for small variations and wading through pages of instructions you already know.

Ideas for using this pattern:

  • I’ve ordered fabric to make this little flower quilt again as a red poppy for my family room wall.  I think it’ll have a completely different mood in bright orange-red and black.
  • A friend wants to make a larger, full sized quilt version of this.  Since she has four daughters, I suggested she may want to make four flowers, each using the colors of her daughters’ birth months.  I love the idea of a personalized family quilt.
  • Imagine sending out birth announcements with baby photographed in the middle of a pink or blue flower!

I’ll let you know once the pattern is ready!


3 thoughts on “Currently in the Works …

  1. I came for the quilts but stayed for the concrete counter… Quilting is one of my 2016 goals but currently I’m busy working on the kitchen. How did the Ardex + Buddy Rhodes sealer combo work out? What sealer did you use? I’m having the same issue: finding a durable food-safe sealer. Buddy Rhodes has a new sealer that just came out; it’s getting great reviews from the pros but it’s $120.00 for the smallest size…gulp! I was wondering if the sealer you used worked out. I LOVE the “Lava Meets Sea” quilt, it’s the one that sucked me in!

    • Hi, Lisa! I used a Buddy Rhodes sealer, it was important to me that it be food safe. It was expensive, but when compared to the cost of traditional countertops … it was a steal! It was easy to use and is holding up really well. I’m glad you like Lava Meets Sea, too! That’s one of my all time favorites. :)

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