Embroidery Hoops


Wolfie Stitching

Recently I’ve been doing a little embroidery between quilting projects.  My plan is to add these to a (very) slowly building mini-quilt wall, as just an extra pop of interest.  I found these geometric animal patterns on Etsy in the Three Silver Trees shop.  These are printable PDF patterns with instructions, but they do kind of assume you’re familiar with the technique.

Wolf and Stag Embroidery

In addition to the wolf and stag, she also has a bear and fox.  (And while I like bears and foxes, I wanted the Stark and Baratheon feel of just using these two.)

Stag EmbroideryWhat started this whole hand stitching kick was this awesome state map I found from Lovely Messes.  She’ll make up any state or country for you with a lovely, complete little kit that is packaged like a gift!

Embroidered West Virginia Map

I chose colors that reminded me of West Virginia in the fall, but she has other colorways and enjoys putting together personal palettes, too, such as school colors. She includes all instructions and even includes practice fabric and threads so a beginner can feel confident before stitching the actual design.


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  1. Wow! These are awesome! I don’t do much embroidery, but these seem too cool not to try. What kind of fabric are you using to stitch on? Would regular quilting cotton work ok or are you using something specific for embroidery? Love the WV! I live in Morgantown :)

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