American Made Brand West Virginia License Plate


Welcome to the West Virginia stop of the American Made Brand 50 States Blog Tour! For this tour, a quilting blogger from each state was asked to make a license plate.  Each of the finished plates will be sewn together to form one fantastic quilt. I was asked to create a license plate for my home state of West Virginia, and this is what I came up with:

American Made Brand WV License Plate Complete

I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow, although please keep in mind that I am NOT a pattern designer.  (If you are also NOT a pattern designer but wouldn’t mind creating stuff from your own ideas from time to time, you may be interested in some of the tools and techniques I used.)

When I was first asked to create a license tag for West Virginia, I knew that I wanted to represent the land somehow, and the way West Virginians feel about our home state.  (We love it here!)  I also really wanted it to look like it could be used as a license plate, if an especially “quilty” one.  I kept it simple with English paper pieced hexagons, easy applique and hand embroidery.  Also, West Virginia has had kind of a rough time of it lately (did you hear about our water crisis?), so I added a little rainbow-ish border to represent better days ahead.  When this plate is stitched into the quilt with the others, it’ll have a thin band of color all around it.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few of my favorite things from around West Virginia.  You may recognize Fiestaware and Blenko Glass, two West Virginia companies whose products I see in my own home and from coast to coast whenever I travel.

West Virginia Collage

American Made Brand is giving away a set of eight fat quarters just to thank you for visiting this blog!  To enter, just leave a  comment by Sunday evening at midnight (Eastern), June 15.  (If you comment before I get up Monday morning, I’ll probably leave you in the running, but I do get up awfully darn early and I don’t want you to miss out.)  If you have no idea what to say, just tell me what state you’re from.  Actually, this is open to anyone around the world, but if you’re not in the USA they’ll ship to me and I’ll ship to you, so please be patient with us and allow a little time if that’s the case.  These are wonderful fabrics, so please enter and get a chance to try them for free!

I was also told that I could give away the leftover fabric once I created my license plate.  As a quilter though, I’m used to making something out of the fabric first, then giving it away.  So I made placemats (following this tutorial) and a friend of mine is going to deliver them on her regular route with Meals On Wheels.

American Made Brand Placemats

Giving the fabric away as placemats to people receiving meals seemed like an especially appropriate way to share American Made Brand fabrics.  I just picture all the Americans involved in the creation of this fabric, from the farmers to the weavers, dyers and even the truck drivers making sure it all gets where it’s going — surely they’d all be happy to know they helped put a smile on an elderly someone’s face, along with good food in their belly.  And placemats are a great way to show off more of the colors in the American Made Brand spectrum, aren’t they?

American Made Brand Fabrics Patchwork Placemats

So, be sure to comment below for a chance to win eight fat quarters of American Made Brand fabrics, and check back tomorrow if you’d like instructions to make a West Virginia plate of your own!

Update: Giveaway has now ended.

American Made Brand WV License Plate


172 thoughts on “American Made Brand West Virginia License Plate

  1. I love your hexie inspired block. It’s so colorful with the rainbow border. And I think you had an excellent idea for giving away your leftovers as placemats. Good for you.
    I’m from western NY and have traveled through West Virginia, but haven’t really visited. Your photo tour helped show it is more than coal mines.

  2. I live in Virginia, your neighbor to the East. I have been to your great state many times with family and friends. And we use Fiestaware at home -just missed the factory tour when we visited Newell. Plus, WV is known for its great quilts! And your MOW place mats continue that tradition. Nice job!

  3. I like your license plate done with hexies that are very hot nowadays, and the placemats are a great idea!btw,I am from ca…thank you for the giveaway..

  4. Love your license plate and your place mats. What a great idea. Stargal714

  5. You did a very nice license plate, and the gift of the placemats is a WONDERFUL thing. :)

  6. I like your block and the use of hexies in the background. Nice of you to make placemats for the seniors in your area.

  7. Wow what a great idea to use the fabric you had left over. I am sure the placemats will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the pictures of West Virginia. I have two West Virginia transplants on my block in New Mexico so your pictures were great.

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  9. …I am so impressed that you made placemats for folks who could use a really big cheering up! What a thoughtful thing to do! I’m from northern Wisconsin and Meals on Wheels out here uses snowplows to deliver!!

  10. Lovely job on the license plate. And great thinking about the placemats. I am sure the folks that get them will love them!

  11. Love your work on this block…. EPP is new to me I just started using it, so I am excited about seeing another use for it. I am from TEXAS

  12. I was born in West Virginia and have to remember how to spell Iaeger, WVA on every important form I’ve ever completed. I can never remember if it has 2 As or 2 Es. I live in Richmond Va now and we travel through West Virginia to get back home to Southwest Virginia.

  13. I am from northern Wisconsin but I have been to West Virginia – beautiful state. Your blog is beautiful too.

  14. Love your block. I was born in western Maryland & could probably see West Virginia if I climbed up onto the roof of the farm house. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Fantastic block! Your placemats are great and it is nice that meal-on-wheels recipients will get to enjoy them.

  16. I love that you are giving away fabric in the form of placemats. Our quilt guild here in SC makes placemats for Meals on Wheels too. A simple way to brighten someone’s day.

  17. Your license plate is one of my favorites so far on this tour. I love the hexagons in the background and the colorful border.

  18. Your block is beautiful! I live in Chicago but am from Kansas. We love that West Virginia is in the big 12 and really like Bob Huggins. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  19. I loved the bold and easy to read look of your license plate but those placemats are amazing! So simple but the color choice and placement is what makes it so eye catching! Inspired! Thanks for the chance to win.,

  20. Awesome plate, I love the hexie background. Almost Heaven and I can hear John Denver…I’ll hear it for days now. I love the placemats you made, such a wonderful idea. It’s even one Girl Scouts could do, hmmm. I’ll have to think on that one. Thank you for sharing your great piece of artwork!

  21. Those placemats are fantastic and will definitely cheer up those who receive them. Your license plate looks fantastic!

  22. Luv how you used the hexies and your state! I traveled through your state for the first time in 2011, loved the green rolling hills. TIA! B-)

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  24. I really like your hexies! I love having some hand work to do while I am waiting, and always waiting it seems. :)

  25. Your block is lovely and I like the placemats you made with all the fabrics. I bet the recipients will be doubly pleased. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Love your license plate block! Not sure but I think this is the first one I’ve seen with a border on it. And your placemat idea is just so sweet. I know if I were on the receiving end of one of those placemats I’d sure have a smile on my face!

  27. I like the idea of using hexagons as the background for you lovely design. I’ve been through WV on my way to Washington, D. C. from Nebraska. Beautiful state.

  28. I love that you made placemats for the people on the Meals on Wheels route!!! I really like your license plate too!

  29. I really love those placemats. I like your block too It is great I just went and downloaded it. Thank you

  30. I live in Florida but went to college in Virginia so I used to pass through West Virginia on my way home to New York. I like your license plate block!

  31. Hi there!
    I’m from Utah! We are a desert state, but we manage to do lots of farming here. Four seasons work well for apple orchards, too.
    Love your countryside and rainbow!

  32. I love your Wesst Virginia license plate! I am so glad that you included “Almost Heaven!” I lived in your state for a year, and it is SO beautiful! I will be back to make a license plate – for a little quilt with license plates of states I have lived in.

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