WIP: American Made Brand Placemats


American Made Brand Placemats Three Collage

While the American Made Brand 50 states blog tour is about to start up, I’m working with my fabric leftovers to make some placemats.  I’ll tell you more about it when I’ve got them all finished, but I can share that they’ll be a charity donation meant to bring smiles to some very deserving people, and I felt it was especially appropriate for the spirit of  American Made Brand.  (They said we could give away leftovers if we liked, and this is how I interpret “giving away.”)

It’s been a joy to work with these fabrics, and I’m especially liking the way they work up in patchwork.  The somewhat crisp feel presses and stitches together wonderfully.  I can’t wait to wash the finished placemats and see that quilty crinkle!



10 thoughts on “WIP: American Made Brand Placemats

  1. I love that you used hexies as the are all the rage right now. I have been over some of your bridges and the views of the vista are amazing. What a fantastic idea for the placemats to the elderly. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  2. Nice way to give them away. What batting or material did you use for the interior of the sandwich? I’m making some tumbler placemats and am stumped what would be the best.

    • Hi, Karen! I just used leftover quilt batting. If you don’t have scraps big enough to use, a crib size sheet of batting would probably do it. (Double check with measurements on the package, just in case!)

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