WIP: Scrappy Attic Staircase


Scrappiness Happiness Quilt Top Porch

I finished my Scrappy Attic Staircase quilt top this morning before work, just in time to drop it at the quilt shop tomorrow.  I’m keeping this one, so I stitched it full of fabrics that remind me of people and places I love.  Plus it has fun things to find, like Godzilla, the TARDIS, a Dalek, Batman, Pokemon …

Scrappiness Happiness Quilt Top

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


4 thoughts on “WIP: Scrappy Attic Staircase

  1. Sarah, That’s so fun! I love that you included your favorite things. I need to get busy with scrap quilts soon. I love the view down your pretty street. Our trees have not leafed out yet. Thanks for visiting me at Seaside Stitches today. Your comment came through as no reply for some reason.

    • Thanks, Tina! Our leaves are still pretty new, that lovely bright green when they’re so excited to be back. :) No idea why I’m “no reply” though, maybe I should look into that.

  2. Oh Sarah, your work is just lovely. Thank you for sharing your mom and mil’s gift. They are such pretty, thoughtful gifts. I have enjoyed reading several of your blog posts–had to make myself stop and write a note! I understand your feelings about representing your state for AMB, how did they find and choose me? But so thankful for the opportunity. Lovely meeting you!

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