State Math Love Quilted Wall Hanging


State Math Love Quilted Wall Hanging

As a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom, I made her a little quilted wall hanging that explains the story of her relationship with my step Dad in three easy steps: Where he’s from (NM), where she’s from (WV) and where they live together (TN).  I was never a fan of math in school, but it makes sense to me.


7 thoughts on “State Math Love Quilted Wall Hanging

  1. Thank you, Ladies! :) Candice, I wish I could get a picture of her opening it, but she’s in TN. And also, she knows what she’s getting, because I asked if she wanted it made into a pillow, table runner or wall hanging. :)

  2. Sarah, you have a great idea there! I’m sure the MIL will enjoy it thoroughly.

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