Bad Pictures of My Current Projects


Sorry, they are bad pictures.  Sometimes it just turns out that way.

First, here’s the Deegie Face quilt top finished and hung up, but on a day so sunny (and me so rushed for time) that it’s even hard to see:

Too Much Sun

And here it is with the photo that inspired it:


It’s off to the long arm quilter this weekend. I chose a soft flannel for the backing, and I think I’ll see if the quilt shop has a heavier batting than I usually use. I just imagine this quilt being super cuddly, like Deegie.

My next quilt is for a baby boy in our family. I’m using some of the browns leftover from Deegie’s quilt along with some brights I already had and some scraps from the Healing Quilt. I threw in a little plot twist, just for fun.

Percy and Wonky Stars Blocks

Percy noticed it right away.


5 thoughts on “Bad Pictures of My Current Projects

  1. I want/need to see a good photo of that pixelated quilt, because I need to see ALL of it’s amazingness. And do not get me started on your wonky stars. Your color play is fabulous.

    • I’ll throw in a picture as soon as I can, and I’m so glad you like it! (I adore your use of colors and choices of pattern — I’m always left thinking I have so much to learn, but in a good way!) I should have the Deegie quilt back in two or three weeks, which is a fast turnaround for my quilt shop.

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