Deer Quilt, Bound and Finished




Deer Quilt 1

Deer Quilt 2

When I heard that a friend in Florida had a new granddaughter, I instantly wanted to make her this little deer quilt.  Years ago, we both blogged and had names we used online for our kids.  I had Tall One and Little One (which is how we assumed the dogs told the kids apart) and my friend had Mini Me and Lumberjack.  Well, time flies and children grow.  Lumberjack is a Daddy, and a deer quilt seems like a perfect fit for a Lumberjack’s beautiful daughter.

I’m really pleased with that bright pink binding against the blue, and I’m so in love with the deer that I may need to make myself one to keep.  The pattern is free from the hugely talented Luke Haynes, with a PDF pattern and instructions at We All Sew.  While it looks complicated, the steps are broken down nicely and it’s all easy to follow.  It seems pretty forgiving of small mistakes, too.  If you like the quilt and you sew at all, give it a try.

And now, back to sewing …


4 thoughts on “Deer Quilt, Bound and Finished

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  2. So did you stitch through the sandwich quilt when you stitched the deer head on? What does the back look like?

    It is awesome!

    • Hi Ronnita! Yes, I stitched right through everything, so you can see an outline of the deer on the back. If you click through to the tutorial (link in post) it will explain the whole process.

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