A “Modified Bow Tie” Quilt

Current WIP: Baby Boy Quilt

I started this little quilt on Christmas Eve, when I had a surprise day off and my husband took our daughters out for their annual breakfast and shopping date.  I started with a few mini charm packs of Simple Marks Summer by Malka Dubrawsky and some Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Stone.

Modified Bow Tie Quilt Ingredients

I cut the gray into five inch squares and stitched diagonally across the colorful fabrics in two opposite corners.  If I’d arranged all the squares in the same direction, this would’ve been a bow tie quilt.  But I used them more like half square triangles and arranged them as I liked, with a diamond radiating outward spokes.  (If anyone knows of a name for this design, please let me know!)

And as always, sunlight through a quilt is just magical!

Sunlight Through a Modified Bow Tie Quilt

But harsh winter sunlight is not quite as kind.  I had a really hard time getting decent pictures of the finished quilt.

Levi's Quilt

The back is a super soft rock-n-roll dinosaurs flannel.

Levi's Quilt

And it’s on its way to little Levi in Florida, where I hope it will not have to see snow again!