A Couch Full of Pillows


With the completion of my Garden District pillow …

Garden District Pillow

My “couch full of pillows” project is complete!

Couch Full of Pillows

Four of the seven pillows are patterns from the Pillow POP book.  After the holidays I’ll start on three more for the chair, but for now I’ll just enjoy being done with something!

Quilted Couch Pillows


21 thoughts on “A Couch Full of Pillows

    • I’ve really loved making these. Since pillows are small, quick projects (at least compared to quilts), I’ve used this as an opportunity to learn a few new skills. It’s always fun planning the next one!

    • They’re like big, poufy clouds, Carmit! :) I was thinking of your work with the color variation in that last pillow. I tried a random look first and it just wasn’t right. This was MUCH better.

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